Hell To The NAWH - Can''t Be Friends

Tuesday, November 21st

It's that moment when your good female friend can't be friends anymore because her new boyfriend gets jealous. What?!? HELL TO THE NAWH!!!!!


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Kelly re like you know Casey mr. the first time one other point seven kiss FM it's great finale time for held an unknown. Oh yeah. Thousands and you get a roll the dice and Hilton the now nine inch divot Jenna Nelson now that you had to get out first of all. Yes yes yes and it's when you pass out on the sofa and forget to set your alarm to your backup alarm matured and really a fifteen day. It's weird for me like a CNN super early may be on the simply get up early get this is wealthy take a nap at like three new wake up at 430. And it's dark when you have 4:30 AM PM on the yeah. I am yeah. Now the resonates. With my good morning I'm gonna roll the dice and put you on the air to to claim what your health to the now I don't care it's weird whatever. Parted so we're all a little bit older you're right I'll sigh yes. And remember how opponent girl recognize school. You know they don't wanna try cute they have a boyfriend and I had to order model boyfriend here and there. Pretty much store to talk to me because they have a boy or turn all she would have liked it's I talk few options either the wanted to do that he doesn't like pages that they should garlic. I don't know go pajama I'm done. Oh no I. Say hello to drop land line now hey America you're going to lose you know goodness and just go to the drama loose Thomas did and it's good lord it. Or threatening to do this at the fifth set every guy ever PX and when you listen to sort of Riggs and Elliott brings Kelly weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss a Dem dot com.