Hell To The NAWH - Brewers Beer Bonanza

Friday, August 11th

Riggs asked random people for a beer in the Brewers parking lot last night. Their answer? HELL TO THE NAWH....until they found out who Riggs was. Then it was LIT!


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She missed it the first time. I'll agree why one of three point seven kiss FM race now is when you walk up to somebody in the parking lot. And has since Miller Park can you say hey can I don't think when he of the years and ago. We're sorry they said to me. Rallying Gibbons and I and racial my sister incident brewers game yesterday PM and we went there are kind of like when we don't like 6:37 o'clock it was around seventy and yeah their right around the time games are kidnapped and it's you know it's we didn't bring out here with that we don't it was a terrorist havens. Clearly admit this air we were tired but they were the people they're tailgating I think a simple go hit somebody up for Amir an asset Hank Williams bear in the chick because. Sally here and everywhere. Clear exactly covered my face like I don't know this guy and it's just wait a minute that Alley because yeah they got you rich. I never care and in the end of the and all this and on the moon to a friend's yeah that's why did you like take your hero after she was like no you can't have a feel for how do you. The eight bucks for that here in my mind nosy guy that you're rare night out because she couldn't play. Yeah that's rigged the jury that charged for a beer. She was the right. That's bat with a right yeah spread the and that the guys or whether or like why you after the chicks. Were we are there ads are here and I was like no it's the girls here in your list here's just. The plane back to their party and the guys are like. Yeah. Literally an hour well nobody cares about it until they find out where they're reporting a sharp look I I I. 79910370. Hasn't been that made you say helps of the now. When you get a brand new bass guitar from humble Jimmy in Florida right and Eric sentiment in the beginning god he got your face is are they under so excited to play you should have the tuners he had put all into the and the dam tuner will all work. Lying. How wide here too I don't like from the per game and I want to rule another one would only one of the pretzels cheese that's it yep you're hungry. What you gotta walk. I walk yeah. I don't blame her crown. I find one when you line because. We were up for the club level ever so present Lebanon club well I got my dad's and dad got a virtual. And we guessed SS yeah. Usually go to another hour we get more easily ran added deputy we did we just not a help to them off now he's a good guy and he'll get his legal. Did you Eagles dot com I yeah I completely and grown out by the late media and yeah. I want to occur it actually because we're making people don't care about us so we know who they are yet there are different. Same thing last night because we're talking head to our friends play words again and the minute away and we introduced givens. They want to go get a severe given to those who the hell let's that we don't do that Adam deputy hello. Which gives some guy named album. You know and then you can beard like David drew. Yes I let my younger cooler yeah yeah we go to leave the game with a Leo we get up early manual to go to work early to marginal agenda the other deputies like I'll have. Yeah. They didn't. Mortgage broker and. The letter is round the clock let's I'd always get stuff they're never and so now Helton and now from you every Monday Wednesday and Friday at the same time and one of the three point 7% to. I really personality it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.