Hell To The NAWH - The Awful Guy

Wednesday, June 20th

When you hear what some douche said to Alley's sister, you'll only think one thing: HELL TO THE NAWH!!

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She missed it the first time. An Alley every line. One of three point seven kiss FM brazen Alley it's ever held okay. Concerns about the future state was married don't know how dating again I'm not she's mean these guys again yes he wrote to me last night at 10 PM I got a text America. Wow I just had a guy I was chatting with first few hours homey. And after I sit whose sentences to him literally. He hangs up on me yeah and then to me that sorry. He is not insurance dead. It's my boy he's at he's afraid I am amazed at all. She goes back the first. Lauren yeah I I immediate. Blue Jay that guise of free can help or not. Okay. The real facts are racist or hey if you don't like the status among boys maybe just an impression for two hours call the media. Things aren't they think you're too little pop pop pop pop up. Paranoid yeah yeah somebody was a dude or she wants to do it is homophobic you wanna mid. One of them and I was -- senate floor 7991037. Horry can always taxed 71037. Give Lindsay Nelson and now all I gotta help to the knowledge and waiting for and you can -- -- when you're on snap Chad you're looking at a listeners story and you're enjoying every captioning realize. This is the lyrics to the Leann Womack somehow. These girls gone I'll just on the I haven't and you ready to go but hey man. Trying to. I know you should understand. I'm like you know this makes me crunches that comes to New York Post. Let's get some 45. Stephanie good you very much. Bricks on the receiver pulled up on your thought yes it farming you didn't even guests say the words to him like given the adult Johnston suggest to settle her dad's car. I don't dance well and he. I hope you dance it really. Who knows in the hallway from you people 79907. Orders text is 71037. What have an image you say Helton off. Let alone they'd of been vocal about that. Are Blackburn decided that hey guys alienates. It's not a aren't grateful. Allen will leave you alone on social media. Don't really talk you reading your. Tony's not a poll after a quick hold onto its occasionally he's never won anything on the radio but we read his text message to shut up Alley in that was pretty much away. And the TrueCrypt can be. Hot. I decided to Angelina found your hosts Tony Tony and I got not okay and it's actually sending kids out there and discovered on the air I can't ever winning from the radio talk count that as a win especially like shut Alley out. And Sony somebody tell CNN I'll. Tony space age where he does status and I said oh hello Tony and your whole EU debt how real people abroad we are the moon. Tony thanks for less than frustration amend your evidence of that we turned him into a fan I love trolling people say spokesmen economists its hull city yeah focus FM yeah. Your days when I was leaving the gym I had seen the federal rim Madonna car. That belonged to me at home finally this. My car got stolen he doesn't want you look for years ago. Along just fine. Yeah see how do you know they are your rims. I took a picture of all on the Mac compared to the picture they had you know. You're all of my problem has eased one car that I no longer have. And now they had the exact same room rationale that. I'm okay why so then what happens. Let my home and it's always sold under him and you get a call also absurd. I don't know why they can then spend like four years. When the person I. I wouldn't I didn't wanna can be undermined and like he played number and I'll he's proud and inspired play Carla pre pre sell a from somebody who's still the Bermuda my life. The prize that I didn't wanna go back down to look out because of that argument golf club my vaccine and all. Tennis she doesn't let me ask you on their license plate with a stickers in the correct spot. God orbit they are again on expired following ANC is only they care about you but license plate bigger and bigger problems you read one might realign alliance. Human hands Zardari and investigators. Airman. They consolidated. Thank you were vitality. Busting people that's really what I love how alien enemy and this puts her money so should it be there yeah. It really text messages to settle another 70 we got some good ones here. What do you blow got a text of my brother along Monday he lives of those that are based in under six inches of water after all. It's not it was always an are made our job. I knew that crap. Thanks rain wet winter. What we're Texas 71371. In the summer school drop off line you have that one annoying person has to getting past the park get out knowing what their children. They're doing a summer haven. Omar. Get a lot of what you should carded for gas to get to Greg is somebody used thirteen hundred dollars in your card to buy JS and. I don't know I think KFC. Seven towns and yes. Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.