Hell to the Naw - Intern 2 Hours Late

Thursday, November 2nd

Our intern was late...like REALLY late.  Also people were screwed by traffic this morning.  Vent about it all with another edition of "Hell to the Nawh". 


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And a three point seven kiss FM it's when your answer and sex US 530 and set his alarm didn't go off me. There are. Where you live in trying to let finalized where to vote for the lord. I'm 7991037. Entities attendees and recede whereas alliger Helton this morning. Well my friend sucked me into getting rid of the most ugly yes convenient yet stayed in cart to get a big BA so. From ten bucks a week to 45 dollars. The online order halting gas press just went up till like thirty cents CNN yeah that's what happens when you listen to your friends ask don't let your friends. You do your buddy yeah. I stand and it dawns in Burlington with your house in the nodes on. When there's sleeping. And that Jehovah's Witnesses are not a guarantee. Eudora. Had god like crazy. We're learning minutes it's old tax and that you get up. Walk out there and say what are your race. I rich. She can't document this summer's she was that this Howard I. Know I've lived here for a night. How Leno hybrid as we already found the lord. The jehovah's witness knock on my window I was sitting in a car. Parking lot rolled out my window I thought it was a guy asking for directions that goes all we're not trying to push it and anybody I said. But you're leaning in in my marketing via brochures so you're trying to nowadays. Your adversary left out there again at worst do you go to church be religion I don't give a damn bill should out of the is that not that. But I do everything what are you about the hunt jehovah's witness when you know which you do what every Wheeler wished to demo. Parents do your thing don't push it on me I we have the final dot stakes aren't as. Your somebody tax this already and it's that I was sexually harassed at work by my counterpart he was tired but didn't save money for the company to copy of rehiring him and our ticket for struck Phillies. That's not a win win. This terrible good morning Lauren and create what's your health to the no Lauren. I had my love for the now they're going you leave at 7:10 in the morning on a vehicle Wednesday morning and you don't get to alert Intel has now. And. I Gordon's three and Palin race. Three hours to get to work yesterday about traffic. Apparently three per hour 43. Hours. Looking they cannot fine figure with a driver of the wrong way car was because it was burned so badly like they're asking people if anyone's missing yeah left him now cash. They couldn't even identify the car you couldn't get off anywhere lord what have once again. I had a half Dominique Buckley an hour's drive and I am. I didn't actually turn on the radio and now it was too late. Until late. And but currently living pass that get up and he had a really greens you know. Yeah I couldn't get over at us casually and show us. But he too rare where they take you up by now. Three hours and my card traffic might send you over the ask me that he couldn't enjoy island time. All of my shot if I had ordered a bad. There are a little bit harder I would add that. You know yeah Lauren polo Foley and a help to the ninety (%expletive) like electing he would like to get to and those who it is that's like a big being held to the job he held on the phone for a second I think you are still got a bad credit her for America has Terrell health and announce things I would do again tomorrow at the same time.