Halloween Stuff We Don't Understand

Monday, October 30th

What's the deal with Trunk Or Treat, The Teal Pumpkin or "Getting Booed"? Yeah, these are Halloween things. No, Riggs and Alley don't understand them. Care to explain?!


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This is a week's finale rewind a three point seven kiss FM to raise an Alley Halloween beef. This is yesterday last week there's so much Halloween stuff that app and none of us are even heard about. Like Riley never heard of being booed the floor give. That is just the neighborhood tradition we're basically you'll get a ring entered doorbell. When you open up the door there's nobody there but there's a bowl of candy and treats and stuff in the there's a note that says you've been booed this signing your door. And then within two days deliver treats someone else's house and then spread it on its glad to now go and buy candy and go to two other neighbors houses. Played Ding Dong ditch like a child I can't believe chemicals can be with a sign at the Xerox assigned to our top. We decided to leave them too much work yeah deals to roll this because you could mean I had to go on to other people. I carry an art and it made semi dude can't do I get blue yearly Max my dorm room volatile I would assign a let somebody yells boo me again. Does he has you collecting do you keep the bowl of candy that he had given to UK how. Then you can give somebody panic I would come to your house and leave you both candidates and you've been booed in the signs he would make a copy the sign and then. Fisons candy go to someone else's house leave them to sign an aunt abiding candy to someone else's house so yeah. It's a lot of work. In. Realize that the teel pop cans actually means some things never fails to veteran actually means idiots like if people haven't he'll come to an outside their house that means it's allergy free like you can take your kid kids are alert or not they have like it's solved our allergy free stuff you dummy I had a Snickers. I don't mess around our savage you know what trunk or treat what beat an idea they were doing it at the library by a man neighborhood yeah. They try to do this and my kids' school this year and they didn't have an a pagan math. Response I think it's because nobody knows what it is a trunk or treat things my sister lives in California the big picture there at her elementary school she's the principle they literally UT decorate your trunks down you won't be got a Parker is school or something whereas organized team. And you trick or treats. People's trunks that are now decorate its trunk or treat these. Eddie long drought that's what he's all the library rigs now temperature retreating in people's trunks which actually sounds really weird reasons attic if he's given. Really cool idea of its downer it seems more sketches and bringing people sort of randomly you have well it's usually done by like a PTA your source. Don't really say that they re and Johnny for other things. Seven and that model 37 or you can text us 71 of 370 noting his weird trial Halloween traditions we don't know like anti that we sessions as my two cousins decorated Christmas tree with Halloween decorations and each of their bedrooms for a Halloween time. This fishery with how we like and Halloween decorations to our commands but then he can take on Halloween decorations and just make it Christmas tree rings. The strain this what you call the holiday trains. They did pretty good English I I want well my name is leave it up year round team redecorating. With different things. Effort be able to do that before Michael Leavitt Easter tree and on the have a Saint Patrick's Day tree and have a fourth of July treat those people. Weird we don't like to crafty over prepared holiday people loves you and your interest payments. Yeah I like Larry seven Riggs and Elliott breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.