#GibbonsGetsAround - Smoke Shack

Friday, December 2nd

Riggs & Alley joined Producer Gibbons for #GibbonsGetsAround at Smoke Shack, where they met a super-cool local celebrity!


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Leagues and now they re wind. When every place somewhere in Kitsap sun. I've just tune. Losing pensions etc. does get around this yeah. In an effort to conquer Milwaukee we send out a new guy did business producing events. We force our on this thing yet he and he secretly get tonight and I. Yeah. So we sent a place scenes of weeks and I'll just kind of go wherever you think he should get a couple of things as they get us to get cynical place to get up. Stennis of tax 7137 or hit him up. Radio givens and social media where did you get around to lately. So I said yesterday when I didn't give it gets around there was going to be a Christmas like dean for the rest of the market now and then I found out this smoke shackled into the matrix collection and like I asked. For example calling inaudible and I had no. And Allie said really never been there and I said no and originality said audible were to have a family outing to smoke shell at a Fam Mattingly did. Mean it wasn't without awkward interaction so we showed up value for you got there I was so late late court. Oh yeah you know before we don't know what happened inside so we were real 130. Knowingly tell you. I don't affect knowing race how I know rigs are prepared to go to be there by once won his latest on all my way there 1 o'clock. Get a text from rigs to lose the luster to a minimum 45. I'm like sure I'll get there I can't make nailed down I'm like fine. So I get shellacked. Parking lot of ones want him take a little math to a diplomat I would go 145 or sixty guys they were yet and bridges like. What was even though we don't like to have power alleys like anything else that I don't know how. Anyway mail. So like you're thirty you guys showed up to snails you never sees only the next guy. Here got a girl that you've certainly showed up ballots still wasn't there. We welcome sign they're just nice young ladies and their wings for a ride. Greenberg goes and how to go and she'll probably riding for goes yeah. What was the my injury while you go and and she asked if we would buyer we don't know what yes she and dad. I'll you what I drink and like. Shirley Temple and yeah she. And that's fine they revolve around him grow Shirley Temple she got a ride left Alley showed up. We had a barbecue feast creates some sitting there reading we ate so much we should do lost games. She earnings from may Milwaukee and what's the guy's life. I've got to do it didn't hit Jeremy yeah he. 80. Don't ever see the show about. Flexes are innocent you know life that you all these crazy things that Milwaukee answer right now you they were donated bombers could visit the bigger collection does so with all these new restaurant. Nobody and AJ Robert is no checks that he's doing all that and we'll hits and plugs design he's that he's yesterday his team New Zealand I guess that was really cool available on the Internet today and as a sign of a good leader I guess that's. Not just me it's everywhere yeah. Apple but he gives no credit yeah I've heard. Of course we should have a conversation with a slim and he tells us look at the walls you see those plaques that looked like normally weren't deer head would go there's not a deer head with a oh my gosh are plaques for dear Edward go whether or not you're it's the personal part looks better. And he goes up toward new something different people come in these these vintage bicycle parts of the freaked out and his ideas and designs and it's crazy it's like to. We're keeping your creativity when he said he he was and he's gonna come to them. It's a plane around I mean does that to people and I had a brain though I did I got a call evil and the tip totally. We had some can be taken as a table guests I have these sterling tried to sandwich and I like that they columns damages and not send me to examine just can't change courses and how much damage it was so good no Alley and I shared pecan pie. I guess our general extreme. Trade rumors and you'll. That's a good time had a picture about it and everything is up 1037 kiss FM that's cool special thanks Jeremy for me in super cool given how. A delay and Lan Tony and I'll ask you gotta get him on the shelf said. Oh absolutely we should have a man only viewers overall he's got a worthy okay. Course pretty well just be to bring it to measurement is majoring going to Heidi I learned so much of that guy. One of 370 system that come for full recap of givens gets around smoke checklist Casey thank you for this totality. Riggs and Elliott Briggs Kelly weekday mornings and always on the man and 1037 kiss FM dot com.