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Friday, September 14th


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This is a week's finale rewind when a three point 7% to pass. Sorry randomly get around this everyday at 930 with the news and mr. Gibbons to who again I. When we get them out as much as we can do explore an Angel lane and he really hear from Seattle really bury himself deep inside the city in the long. You are ninth in the regs and I haven't. Yeah combined crazy shop where he's gone now recently. Mister Gibbons so I've heard a lot about the rave from Canada Christmas bash is there's going to be a great time three nights by the late just to just the Spanish or violent it was free until tomorrow Friday. Us forces and gathers tickets at the rave dot com my correct that's correct so I was worried that maybe the first I went to the rave would be for the justice bash. But I went to the rays last night. Not age is little rock and roll band called yellow card I'm sure some more audience knows the song Ocean Avenue don't yeah I can't remember this song amazing that we played back in the day for me split hairs. Al qaeda's top forty play after so they announced about a year ago that they were Gannett called a career they're gonna put out one final album gold the world war and caught a career. Semi finalist yeah you don't honestly they had a failing to be out until he got a 200 solute you can. But the so my goal from the shelves like don't come and it's after the yellow card show are you going possible would receive like milk found a way and not play. The race is she usually acts again as saying we ignorance is bliss I didn't know what I didn't know but it was like five stories. Every store their way out of John Kerry and I got a question. Sarah how. Yeah yeah. Alcohol helps out about how we don't know that I was drinking that was out even when did not come would have fallen down those steps. Through and I saw the ballroom where where are events and be released just as I'm going to be here are are at a Friday. I nuts are on a drive image editing or Mac Miller lets you still there. Is but you get it now presidency of the race she was walking around the other big wide open to the first thing and so when I walked in the front door as a giant neon 13 point seven kiss FM outside or. Artillery with other weird bed with the raven oral care without yeah bigger target the -- environment net now what it's been a little re dating NRA did a Sonoma climb up to have a little like you know there's a little rooftop patio little lounge get the hell out here seeing oh and I'm on top of Milwaukee it's awesome I'm looking back I. A lot of legal way Rick Scott yeah rooftop patio he didn't know that. Never been on the river up to the one bit out there are signs for an everywhere Palestinian Marie and Amanda there. There was ever a reason to get out there and it is normally cold or really ball's not only go to. Test because I didn't know that so now like Christmas bash is on on this is what we do givens gets around every day it's my learn things in general saints so when Arianna run they went there she talked about when to do a haunted tours she's appearance on blisters and haunts. And I mean huge dose hundred guys so I'm wondering since we're in bed with the race is there a way I could maybe stay overnight into surprise you generally a June election duties did you see it as important as taking downstairs to my basement I didn't do in the basement now all his opponent gets away. Daniel's decision. I heard about the full basement below the high school I was a freshman the seniors who try to sell you not passes to be pulled the third floor that didn't exist so I was not gonna get so I. When elect old super street knows not is pretty awesome you know fallen at all dressing rooms connected to the pull down some bands have autograph the wall. I have a cycle some before justice dash off to go down and check out before then down such a good time we got photos of the full recap that 1372 sets and while jogging and I kissed this bad. They've dot com. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.