Gibbons - You Can Call Me Uncle!

Thursday, July 19th

Gibbons' sister finally had her baby and Gibbons is so happy he's glowing!

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She missed it the first time. And Ellie realize what a three point seven to assess damage race and Alec. Givens the call came in that. All at night no fly last night Olson was actually if facetime video of my sister breastfeeding week. Very awkward while that seem to easily hide outs yeah she called me up zoom that babies here. Waiting game. At a whopping. Eight Powell is old but I ounces. Around 22 inches long are now. The little baby girl. Her name was supposed to be your was going to be. Harper and harper which I liked our burn given her I don't rare I don't like down and then she found out on the beyond Estrada and it was a different father than she thought it was for the baby I'm so now the baby has a brand new name. Why are still these outlets that starts with a eat it. Think she's a girl and her credit cards are congratulations. Uncle gander yes thank you your first. Niece or nephew burns of news or else when I don't and then you get a niece or nephew it's a very exciting about Alex how would you add your own kids and saying they won't may not mind and amended its last exciting. So this is exciting I am so excited okay what do you think the baby's name is and and he is arguing he. It it is not eat it now is it Elvira it is not a couple Haider Ali it's not Elle Louise no eminence is not evidence known as it Panama. And it's not and a half well no it's not believe it not you know he's not everything she's your majesty for when I went back. Our average now don't know who seem to not go away what are Edward dean at the same Bertie. I hate her yeah I seriously AG'S_K. okay enough with the funny guest is our guest is Peter out or her. And mock or Elaine. I'll play eat mainly my name actor Glenn okay this makes nickname. Will be any. The dailies full name eminence was supposed to be harper and remember I eat plain answer you harper and the baby's name is now. Emilio and so CNN did a whole lower river the demon clearly and I love you here. I like I knew. Emilia Italy Sophia from harper and to a mile. Yeah I love the name the baby is beautiful mommy yeah are healthy and happy. My sister who was high as a kite when I'm sure last night Mike the tiger did you. A C section or she had to do that you know GRC had a naturally which he had done medications and a vaginal and had an actor Darrell as high as a Qaeda remains. She's addressing the economic model to my sister's boost that throughout the bitter taste G load. Mike how you deal include if you really she's cry and hug my other sister was the sisters had substance issues here she was there was tried to response my dad. There you might yeah mommy at all families are there it was just. Pair of the trial of course the data now trying to says yes. Jetliner that was there it's a great moment and now it is only go back to Jersey so bad just holder but I don't wait a little bit more clearly what he enemy air I don't know I didn't panic out there I don't know yeah. They are cargo you know that was my plan right I. You drive the nation's drive to address Friday leaving ten no doubt about you know what I might do that I might do that. Honest to god like I. I really wasn't as I did maybe we don't need that yeah. Wrong either with going in a few weeks in Paris because it's you to remember that one when she is the baby she's gonna be surrounded by peoples of the everybody wants to kind. I am yeah hospital being like please stop coming to stop like I was overwhelmed everybody my friends family are coming out of the I look at. Yeah me too much which I wanna see the day she just had a baby you're at the hospital like too much actually probably didn't win a little bit with the the blame to go there. Does your friends I've thought about it. Congratulations and we'll get married gradually. Or uncle that and a real uncle pop. Slot because it's true I guess if that's correct. Rigs in LA it's Briggs Kelly weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.