Gibbons - Wild Wedding Weekend

Monday, November 20th

Gibbons went to a wedding where he'd never previously met anyone, including his date. What possibly could've gone wrong?! Listen here for all the details!


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This is a and Ellie re winds are two types of risk takers in the world yet there's a type who do they calculated risk sure like you rigs were yoga skydive from people when you're crazy person who calculated so much you know exactly but the wind is you know the parachute and alert you Bob back to parachuted to forget to pull all his parachute. So you know that like 999000. Out of a million times. You're gonna be fired at animals for his dad as Seattle times of risk taker like myself who or what is kind of likes to donors situations blind with no idea what could would or may have been planned but just trying to go sport teacher killed when Danica and I am I might have almost gotten me killed over the weekend Galahad as well I told you guys last week that I got invited to a wedding. Where I didn't know anybody including my wedding day right well yeah flashy does promise a free does not be free booze and they denied maybe some favors and you know whatever Peres sought asylum to Miguel. And I met this past weekend to Saturday was the day yes my date was in the wedding so I go to the hotel and take a trolley over with a bunch of her friends who adult now. Her friends are already drunk. I'm like oh man this is going to be a crazy night all right here's some catch and incidents like get to the venue right just in time for cops tell our mind you my deeds not their species in the wedding party. It's like me this friend I need that friend I grab a beer chugging beer grab another beard shut that beer in the in the 08. There's Meredith mom you want to meet her I was like. Haven't met Meredith yes sure I'll meet her mom cook. So I walk upright and I go hi how did hi hi I'm Ryan it's pleasure to meet your goal right to your god daughter straight right. So and it. Hurricane merited shows up the middle to top tell party I hear. As I look and there's my date in her nice dress she's a bridesmaid hammer and she runs up. Yes I met this and guess in a district. Mother of course I met your mother let a mother and participation rates so within two minutes of her showing up she leaves the cocktail party and I am now just mean her friends. So we get through the wedding we sit at the table were I began with her friends while she sits up with the bridesmaids. And then the speeches start and with the first speech I hear. Oh yeah. And my friends go there's your dad and her friends and there's your date of their due to be ready for a fun night and the best man speech he's talking in every other word my deeds don't. The father talks in my days. Yeah yeah. Yeah. The maid of honor goes and she's trying to this emotional speech in my still including. Nominee I asked one of those the wedding gets done we'll get and there's like very minimal it's going on the back of the hotel where a bunch of drum breaks out. Gone now because the whole time I was waiting for like crazy party to have maybe some clothes I'm gonna get knots right. With all this drama one of the girls were with deuce hey guys. I have like ten minutes from here you go back to my place and I'm like yes yes yes yes how it's gonna be me my date. And this other girl and we are all intoxicated emirate go back we're gonna party and this too and every night for the record which has taken. Who gets the girls else. Turns out she lives with her fiance. So what we did was just got drunk all night I went to bed by myself I woke up lonely and throw in the parking lot of the wedding venue. They don't champion Miguel Katrina and we got regulations could yet she's making good like decisions announced. I'm totally under less assistance if a crime and he's he is rigs in LA it's Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.