Gibbons' Whiplash Update

Thursday, April 20th

Our friend Gibbons was rear ended on Monday, and attempted coming in to work again has he been holding up?


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This is a week's finale rewind do you feel over there Millwood last and in. Hanging down okay the second aid coming in and mentally morally mentally and get our good friends and even know even in a car accident and I am sorry that. I don't carcinoma came out with flash yeah it's crazy textbook whiplash. Do I am not feeling good at all. When I went into the ER I what he called at all brother did. Ewing Gemma to make that cause they told me on Monday in the accident happened they said. By Tuesday you're gonna feel pretty bad just wait just wind up you got rear ended on Monday on seven to low gas yes I'm leaving where college head hanging out some college junior ends isn't getting on a highway just didn't stop terrorists outlets and so that I don't go to the ambulance. And after a given the ambulance into the ER they tell me I choose you're gonna feel terrible spending by Wednesday are gonna feel worse than men. Thursday is kind of the seven go to you might feel worse you might do to seeing you might feel a little bit better. And it woke up this morning and I feel as terrible as I did yes jobs. Those are your muscle relaxer and I and these guys intent right now. Or joining I thought I did everything had to be marijuana that they don't know why they are not yeah. Dead on the idea why it why I say I can tell you're in pain industry. I think that's never been around somebody with Clinton. You know whiplash as the real thing nice laugh about it in my closest to my sister got it now you got and I'm like oh my god whiplash is a real native organ has do you find it for Winslow high doesn't he can barely turn. Had and it's just change Indonesia is how plus I. I can tell he was completely uncomfortable hold time is trading niceties like can barely turn. Them barely stand. There so we'll tough it out as long as she canceled her. I think I got I don't look at the time and I'm losing maybe fifteen more check. And yeah deteriorate wagered on the Mike given leaving yeah that's toderat very slowly but it was gonna do ten minutes. Riggs and Elliott breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 103 setting kiss FM dot com.