Gibbons - Robbed Nathan Graham Yesterday

Friday, January 12th

Gibbons had to turn into a savage to survive before he gets paid, so he decided he needed to rob Nathan Graham....seriously!


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This is a three. Smelly rewind so we've all been narrate. Europe huge data from payday. I yeah. Get a streak. I'm sure you're few days of paid a you've got no money got a little bit of food and you see maybe an opportunity to capitalize on someone else's misfortune yeah. One of those instances happened yesterday and I haven't accomplished and help you rob somebody you're previously unheard. Medallions so walk I didn't help you rob anyone I don't know which speak have sought retake the lead yesterday Eric. Ali goes out. Your proof right magnesium production was looking. Ingraham and OK I'm Canadian and these are by the printer in the office. He's a dollar bill hang out is not all but getting people into the the copier concede that cash stick out of his back pocket loose cash or Lil. Yeah its original report yeah do you got to actually get out of his back pocket so I don't I go into savage vote night on C my target I gotta get this man I would. If you get back to your registry key gold money so sneak up bottom ranks a close. Keep it real close. Brad there's dollar out of his back pocket and then I realized I screwed myself rigs lies what did you do there wasn't a most curse it wasn't a dollar it was a half dollar because the dollar had been ripped. Yeah half a dollar he came back we're half a dollar and that's what away. No secret that when you pulled it out and I'll party whips and instead it. Nathan's weird guys are rip does dollar have a accidentally awhile back and I'm gonna keep it here for good look and he pulls up a casino chips from his popular to keep these are good look to. We are so that is not happening and how human he couldn't tell you exactly. Half dollar and just how I would think ripped dollar B padlock clay Wright you ripped a dollar that's not good luck and that's something I did something good happened when you use a half dollar on. Which had nothing to do with a half dollar Reggie real hash tag people are superstitions or weird price tag what Hal say things happen for a reason you. I checked I was broken still broke from checkbox in the integrating itself well look great anyway. So yes I have to accept whatever I have to check the event. It was levees aren't you saw that many at a datagrams target because you literally in that he doesn't. He took my blood that was accidentally it was a very good but I 100% graze upon his blood brother dollar out of its popular incredibly nonchalant about it they'll give you democratic grab that video of you robbing them in the knees screaming yeah. Tom potter craze for right now yeah that sounds that's just want to see for yourself at that. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.