Gibbons - Riggs Is A Serial Returner

Wednesday, December 6th

Gibbons discovered that Riggs' addiction issues are getting serious. The dude can NOT stop returning items at the store. SOMEONE STOP THIS MADNESS!!


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She missed it the first time. And Ellie every line. 100 point seven kiss FM three finale at 846. Good lord I'm glad the Santa called me earlier and shape you're in trouble Riggs is mine now I now know I don't know if you know rigs. Don't let. Hey Ali. When you have a friend who is deep in the depths and throes of addiction. Probably try to help them out of you have a jets rank. Glories we have taught by the rules lawyer were two and an intervention that they aren't rigged delicious Riggs has a major. Enemy now really a problem. Major addiction in Hong needs how high do what is it that you just say hi hammer eggs have. I am rig and at the you have a problem was my problem with returning ex items let me tell you what happened again. No that's the problem but you know that you took it to a whole other level yesterday of obnoxious reason I had plans to go to love Mike Bjorn thinking notion to get fitted for our touch system on New Year's Eve frightened Briggs goes. I run the store quickly first legal every day cycles distorted we talk not every day you'll freeze Eleanor it's not. More often than not yes and antibody anyway so we go to the emission and you you be quiet over there right. And given so we we don't know the story heritage and tradition here I. I'll think it brings us the buy some lessen the suffers trip and how big an article no no no he just. I got to return something like oh no here we go we walk into the store right. Reese walked up to the counter and he's. The outlets the outlets have pleasant prairie and he's only first name basis help with the cashier and what Lawrence he won't sell and Lawrence goes. Your return something archer and brings goes yes I have all my receipts to believe this twenty dollar all think if we return it to me not in between with this whole big thing right and and do you I don't know what you are no item one would think I was trying to scanner might legitimately sounded at a cheaper price than just China return for the price and bought it for. Alan yeah. And then he pulls out the receipt for this transaction cannot return as goods around. Hot and normally it's just one receipt right idea but this is not the first return recess and made combing her demand this is not this. Murray says maybe not the third fourth with that I kid you not Alley this stack every seat was thicker than my social. Our elementary school was so you're old firm that is. Just a lot while you're there get a word of an idea here pressure on you you tied down her Jessica anyway get I have a talking step okay. The guy goes to staple this transaction yesterday boy there's so many you know keep couldn't stay home. Every seat was so sick this port cashiers. Even able to stay together and I don't rigs are you okay amigos actually there was nothing easy better than normal actors Charlie normal. Oh wait why aren't you returning things. Overt over first and that's my first question this is your. Tony a lot lately with our trip because we're buying a lot of warm weather and cold weather gear so we're buying it no we get into our house with that. And Ross a shopping and other places you'll find a better deal somewhere like we don't need this stuff from the Columbia outlets so much time on their hands he's sorry and when you don't have kids busy and now here's here's the real I don't know and I didn't I don't know every turning with this guy would do that too. And it's not like she takes it home realizes he doesn't need it can't yeah. Returns on one thing I don't get it why return one thing and I go back and realized it was bottom that if it because we're gonna so many times which I probably many fans are. Every couple. The problem right now I don't. Really why did she returns into Olmert over an average in the same thing over and nothing done everything that was on the receipt like he bought ten things and then went back ten times to retire went back to return for one thing from their season and they stayed on the new one time I know the returns of the not drop in the that would save deal went and anyone gaffe an Alley it's not even like they went home realizing it near the southern took it back when this stuff was weathered. It'd been warned and maybe menus all shot out. And it does so I'll have slightly fewest the social studies receipt and I'll anyone more work to return stub go to historic returns of more than recently on the wet I critical that we had to go to ball cursory towards a big Mike did just that Tuesday it's Thursday bracelet why. I did return so much ever let him. Buying it wearing a returning now finally I. I didn't want to return I'm scared to know how much they bottom line all you wanna know I don't wanna know you are you are twelve steps away from being cheered here addiction to take communion first step Briggs is admitting that you had a problem just as all the world and have a problem with lack. With buying things now returning now banks went out and as they problem. You can't know of a problem out. It's not a science it's a problem rigs I'm saying it out of resentment I don't think it's a problem resent auditing the problem resentment is part of the process you don't leave you present yourself you present us your your mad at yourself rigs. I'll just admit that you have a process they just weren't you don't I. My sixty time you I think it's a problem it's not a problem for me is not affecting knowing Jim Gibbons is for yeah. Your returning Seve just what should go. Out of these are affecting other. Go to 35 minutes out of the way to make this return I network my friend senator who really wants the ceiling since the problem is going all the man that down there and yeah justify. I think he worries serial retelling her face serial retail returner and shame on you hopefully this public shaming helps you a little bit. Shake your troubled country I'm glad you're gonna get tomorrow somebody making me feel bad about my problem through parliament that you'll help me to I'm gonna go into a shame spiral you guys because you don't even to give a problem here we'll see on a buying did you return a whole bunch of crap and can be your fault and an examiner relapse this weekend it's gonna happen. You're gonna love every second and I am dominant. On your weird I embrace my addiction to. That's a good image now. I've got hot. A way to get warm again targets dynamic. And Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.