Gibbons - The Rated-PG Best Man Speech

Thursday, June 21st

The drama just won't stop! Gibbons actually IS giving a Best Man Speech at his cousin's wedding this weekend, but his cousin wants him to give a "PG-rated" speech. What's up with that?!

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Kelly replied yeah. JCMR the first time givens I thought you weren't doing investments these are you doing one now I. Coach it's Ohio. I plan for the speech for two years us let me just wedding music. I know that I'm not doing this speech because it's a small ceremony a blobby blobby blow values they said they didn't want you to do is no the wife sent a jab but there because it's a small ceremony here this story does destination wedding is in Kabul I'm going back to New Jersey for a smaller ceremony for the people who can't make to Kabul. I'm the best man and I'm not gonna give this I was gonna get the best man's feet behind my cousins and they wouldn't have time for which to me was a direct from above that is soon to be white woman not strapped to. The CEO so then I'm just. Hanging out with a let's yesterday get a text from my cousin. Hey man we set some time aside person the other speech would have some wind leases does this say some words in the you can go does that work might yet keep it decently PGA. And it's going to be an old crowd grandparents and stuff. That's how fun and I'm like why I'm not gonna happen it's gonna be a 142 long CD out. Does everything I was gonna say was the talk but aren't you get drunk and got Nagin got all crazy with a bunch of our friends I was in the shadow the French were in the building continued his. And with the way it once you can I pretend like you guys are Angel and me come and beat. I remember when at the net lease and they were in church knew he would play a virtual PCI ST do you think what do you think this couple I think they're great but I wanted to talk like one of the main things you talk younger I have I think they're gonna last forever. But I would talk about the night they met the night they met was at this trashy bar New Jersey yeah. Were they join the pennant parking lot club we caught it. Because you find a girl you don't in the parking lot there you'd get free TV you now be the candidate pool so when they met the first night they gotten on the parking lot. I thought she was Nabil one night stand to when I left the borrow which ceiling or your random and we're all this up in the speech it was going to be today. Are now you can't tell added a wedding I. Parents the parents could you imagine your parents like now you can't look at their belts are. They got it on the parking lot exactly act gives everybody know each other well. Averaged out well everybody knows the raw anger I'm gonna have sex after the wedding he'll talk about it you talk about it but I got to the very first night they met each other for thirty seconds when you know you know. Normally you wouldn't but one it to me and I'm mr. inappropriate I would drop the farm for sure she said gonna do it then I. Probably not so I told the mama GS rhythm and my mom they want me to do the speech they wanted to be peace in PGA there was apology goes. Well Brian you know you can just get up everything whenever you want my mom no but somehow works act so it's literally you'd be. Evidently some very happy guys getting married it's beautiful thing it's a great team and have good kids let's take a shot that entire speech you. Is this they need to chill out you've got to nagger crowd that is. You hit easy to ever get a best man speech you don't go tacky that you could be funny without being racy attack dealing you can still be really funny I was you know obviously gonna read the relevancy but now I know the route would be much older people and people I really don't know it's gonna be the most watered down. Steve from and we're all waiting there was an were all white is a little pure because. Funny without being vulgar and offensive yeah. Just advice I ever got was from listeners years ago when I was that the maid of honor immigrants agree his wedding and ask them to give me ideas in a speech. They called it I got some of the best he'd call and 79 and one of 370 text and in best ideas. Because I it I used one of them some listener said dad did this thing re okay Ian deep your hand you know on top Sabrina stands. I got some listener that he does and I go to that's the last time you're gonna have the upper added. I. Like that. It was seats stupid people can't get flat that's kind of steps you can do that weddings that people always leave it alone. Like a Howard and that's so Smart so yeah it's a nice eligible school ball and chain references about the crowd how. Just advice of our listeners asked that years ago I have a good idea being colleague in Texas 71037. Best man speech advice for givens one liners that are. I think she didn't go in front of the elderly. Keep in mind they're going to be offended by a lot of things out steep. Man PCs but I know me and I know when I get up there and put a Mike in my hand cannot I have to injuring some and it's it's a billion dollars. So I'm seven when I'm 72 tax I'll say things that might regret and sugar got but I won't regret it come I think he got to find clean humor for the old people that they're gonna think necessarily need help from everybody and the crowd please please Colin helped make it Jimmy Stewart reference yeah. People that it still. I hit it down to the wonderful alliance the that's why they are up Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss a Dem dot com.