Gibbons - Psyched For The Air Show

Wednesday, July 18th

Of all the weekend festivals during the summer, Gibbons' favorite is this weekend! Are you as excited as he is for the Milwaukee Air Show!?

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Kelly replied yeah. In case you missed it the first time givens I am so excited for this weekend line. Summer's in full swing and I mountains. Some pedestals in this weekend is my favorite festival and all the air and water show Pollyanna a lot of people might say. I don't really understand why but what do you mean everybody understands why OK don't you know white school yeah I hope to meet OTC back to my youth because growing up every year they had an air show at the Jersey Shore. And in winning city New Jersey now noticed Al Jeffrey yeah we go down there in the entire family and Mahmoud gamble and we would have a on the beach and ma Madrid and casino all week kids I got on the beach and it just Jaycee actually might use the good old days after and then when I moved up to Seattle lifting called seed they're out there originally the same thing water and air show that went there and watch that this year I'm super excited it's my second summer in Milwaukee. Last year during this time I doubt who's in town miles dad. Let's go let's ordered their showed good you know little time then he wasn't interested in this so we don't do it once issue our downtown you can hear it loud as hell yeah I'm Lindsay is the tire went know which I hated what I live downtown air or water for a schoolboy living downtown was a nightmare Hillary Internet calls it. She happens to sit on the planes every five minutes. And I am looking forward to be cyber rooftop and this isn't my rooftop get a cooler and I can just hang out all day watch the entire show for free yeah it's a really in my use and don't because he was on the ground late what was so I'm. This weekend this weekend Saturday and Sunday at all it's just on Saturday and Sunday and but I'm sure I'm sure their practices during the probably do what you're doing more Zedillo you know. I wanna go today where is that the Waukesha county cereal rice or white one ticket today and put any any way to start. It starts today and did you write a starting at like 1 PM relating noon sari locker shark earning fair. They're really cheap and I was like this is the refrigerators and McCants who has literally like one ticket per Ryan to have there was talk about the luck gentlemen there so what does liquid water. What's your president all weekend Rican festival I. I'm impartial to I always enjoyed for confessed which is downtown Houston it was like Randall it was a Perkins. And I so random craft beer festival in cathedral square hole and I was like there's. It is the only I was like there was always is random Beers there than I would try when I was drinking back into their habit you don't know what a nice over summer sounds like he told. Darren waters just probably more my speed different circumstances right near where I live so I don't defer confessed this is that this weekend yes to get on a facet tally honestly can this really tackle and honestly I can't even go to get my perks come we have half offense a tally on the ticket that's why I ever actually we do want to get my perks dot com and jackpot summertime all the puzzles are going I'm so excited I'm so excited and oh yeah. That's always a full schedule summertime and law generally that. Reason Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.