Gibbons - Obsessed With Instagram Superzoom

Monday, November 6th

There's a game changer in the social media world, y'all! Gibbons has become OBSESSED with the new Superzoom feature on Instagram, much to the dismay of Riggs. The feature isn't on his IG and now he's having MAJOR FOMO.


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Rigs and Ellie rewind dude what are the last time something was an update on social media rightly update to a platform that was our total game changer for you a show like major switch platform. Can use this one now. I don't know I think when snatch a study due in ninety cool face filters has switched to that immediately dude have you checked out begins to Graham stories over the weekend now. There's a new feature on the IG story called super zoom olds I'm glad to talk that this is I don't have that super zoom feature race brings. I discovered over the weekend I became obsessed and I went oh my IG's story and I was just taking stupid videos of my dog noticed. You sort of the normal video right yes and when you press the button if it's critically zooms in and didn't do. And that sound effect I didn't look should make you clean total Draper and all weekend I was obsessed with. Now let me tell you rigs I was gonna portal my thought all right we're gonna do this we'll talk. Here right I can't find it now on my IG this morning and I'm freaking out. It's gone I don't know what I've ever been able to do this and resumed his other friends are doing the super easy money and Saddam's doors and I don't haven't dude is the coolest thing and now I know. I haven't lost some I've got realigned and got stop motion of god the Lorraine normal enliven a colonial lies now Donna with the super is about one zoom into something get done done. I ask is a back. He's going to be on my story radio given only gas does it really work the into the sound play. It is having on me. A if you start to normal shot have you added you don't hit it on my face it's crazy all right and I love the super zoom I got it back and I did some followers radio givens and instead Gramm you can if you have a super zoom on super jealous of you shouldn't you know the odds are. Still don't have an LLC in court finds how to like get rich get your game abrupt and what the answer consumers typically thought for a loan in a letter and jealous man. I sent them a reason Eliot Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a 37 kiss FM dot com.