Gibbons - New Boo Meets Alley

Friday, June 16th

In one a make-or-break moment in a new relationship, Gibbons introduced his new lady friend to Alley. Find out if she passed the test!


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This is a and Ellie rewind when a three point seven to assess damage regs an Alley givens is supposed to talk here use as a tell us about tablets are sliced and then he looked at both that he sat in the bathroom Google can go quickly to songs and we went just doubled to skip you administer does he left the room Alley goes let's talk about it and tell them what they aired talk about it's going to be awesome dissident there are not going. Now I think George I guarantee radio there are after an extra maybe some Akram restraint like two really quick to get out here until I introduce his new girl tally and realized lesson you have matter either I'd better report doubles title or if I had never hung out there like to this extent of the exception Larry Page so much let me ask. Asking her a million questions how much isn't it funny I don't ask you always ask people milling questions the only thing funny about you asking questions that we make fun if you because you'll say. So where did you go to school given your Brothers and sisters yeah. What time were you born in cash which pirates who do you like what's he like pineapple on pizza and that's a word you work together. Then she has to answer like seven questions about a tenth she's entering the third question. You've got to move. Statewide in general how it's an option then yeah sorry where we are imaginary golf. I literally Texas hello hey listen we're running laid on the show or not going to be talking about anything they're not the list he's got some good come visit Canada. Plow ahead and hear. Them. So you talk line there aren't too big moments. In a new relationship record chip and that's when you meet somebody Sam yes and when you meet some buddies friends yes and last minute to minute drill to meet my friendship on that race but. The big test and Alex Ali what's your assessment. Yeah this medium. And Italy easily I think she's now got a good head our shoulders I think you guys are about the same age I don't get what you haven't comic. If your mighty media keep a 100 Euro but I think you guys I think she's really cool I mean I'm for a you don't have to have everything in common with the media Dana I know a lot of people that are opposite sort again being. Now so I mean I cultures statement and see one no issue at their IDC one flaw could. Has very feeble elbows. And me and I just trying to think is something huh huh huh huh huh. It resonated is that the real question what does she bigamy and rags yeah it will she'd love you guys she didn't she was good meal that you that know me yet. Losing a nice that we Mets who have special bond with rigs down a couple times she was so nervous to me you know listen. And how to do now is concerned when all your girlfriends afraid of meeting because your an approachable yeah. You are an because they know. And they know that I would take your word for the council Ayatollah Ali jump so. I'm ready you know I mean I like how is it to judge of character. Darn sure I'll definitely get brigadier general. She's also funny sometimes sometimes thought she did so yeah I guys collide million heading in the right age. Yeah now has her life together in your thirty she's thirty I think that's slick combination I think you're headed from our guards aren't there are down on the flu but it that was cool as he was like yeah. I honestly Alan I. Don't like dude you're my house I'm paying and the host yeah but it was a nice when you cool gestures. Did you like independent woman yeah she totally let on. Just have artsy guys approve yeah. That it didn't matter how great cricket and I will preside over the wedding. DJ screaming and the high on my yeah. No we don't know they had already how you view the woman they go to anybody does not believe in this clip did you. It wasn't the. Getting married I just think Edwards is still not now. Everything about helix is waiting on. Her and again. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on the man and 103 setting kiss FM dot com.