Gibbons - Mamma G Scammed By WHO?!

Wednesday, July 11th

Gibbons' mom, Mamma G, thought she was going to live out her dream, but it all wound up being a SCAM! Who would do such a thing to her?!?!

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She missed it the first time. Now in reliance. One of three point seven yeah it's hard to go back on the air when we're talking a mama G on the phone calls yet let's bring Iran found Jesus momma momma G good morning. What did you. It doesn't want alien. Nine Milwaukee friends. Okay I'm good morning New Jersey lunatic Jude. Hell haven't you understand what happened I get a call from mob geely three days ago OK and check almighty god brought you that I saw this advertisement online I applied to be an extra on Tyler Perry's newest movie and I'm so excited and I was like am I so. Hosting about dancing she is going to be an extra on a movie it was a cool and then she called me yesterday and she goes dry him. I think there's something up here I call you. She gets a text message from this agency for which she applied and that text messages like hey. Come audition give us a column here's your contact info call this guy comes and goes into an Intel resists a scam so I look up this company. And they don't just have all as a New Jersey Pennsylvania Philadelphia that area but all this is near Chicago LA all the major cities and it's these giant scam where they brewing way. Audition right then they tell you come back the next day for this what they would have told moms I look all until you go for the first they auditioned young they tell you all okay we'll come back the next round hole and on your hopes up and on the second day they tell you well. We can get his dig Soria but we're gonna need some head shots from him and you you're an actress you I don't have a head shots all you can photographer cities'. And you know. We're. I played baseball pitchers became apparent once. It's like when companies go bring your kid to audition and they are trying to actually need your kid did purchase an agent for your kid to shoot eight Italy. So I don't like a 180 personally mom don't know it's a scam no way no how no don't do it. Now on center and maybe she should go on the audition ya and lakes again now and my FaceBook my bit and at the end like I know. Let's skip and called on the carpet. Janice she's she's dude I think she's. It's great great minds think LA bilateral did and that's what I would spend about. And you did exactly that and. Had you reached out to the company or you just got that text message I told they were scanned in and you told the screw off. I and I didn't re up to them but actually I'm doing to get. It in Delhi did Roy asked a lot of I know after I know men on pretty typical hi I'm going to go up my act on their nose. Aggressively demands. Oh yeah. And I'm glad I'm got to not much. You didn't here. All GOP's well. Aren't. So it's yeah I think you are absolutely I think my Ahmadinejad also I should also print out a couple of your face the pages where you drunken bring them to get them. Shots he's I had shot and do it I'm Renee mama didn't know I'd have to ask about your agent had them call your agent and then call Gibbons yeah. When you get out scam the scammer is a bit of what. Gig you got think he's true I can assure me that nobody in my ball. White media I don't know if I mentioned the thumb the movement mommy and now my guts. You've got to do the audition days I'm glad that call 110%. Please do the whole thing I'll watch it if you have time to think this report yes Texas because I don't want to share. And I'll let airlines are now Josh. This time she'll make time and us. Yeah I'm mad I'm women who went on the bag on the Hollywood walk campaigns. Talking to you you might do and the Bill Maher. Season. In my misspelling directly. I. Obama gave that nonsense is I didn't do. It. Just ask them. Riggs and Elliott Greg Kelly weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.