Gibbons - Mamma G The Rockstar

Wednesday, September 13th

Over the weekend, Gibbons discovered something he should've already known. No matter where she goes, Mamma G knows EVERYONE.


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Mix and Alley re wine. We don't have that friend who no matter where you go or what you're doing this person just happens to know everybody every rhetoric you think we all have. Show that person out there yes. So much energy in Iowa on a road trip today to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania she went from Philadelphia I came from Milwaukee. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is a sitting neither one of us and everything downpour go ahead with an idea we start as an -- and does went to a concert at a menu that she unite and had never been to via the venue was not owned or operated by the company the mama G does security for Wright is about the security to its old college around my mom is 55 years old literally five foot one maybe a 110 pounds. Try to she does she does security at Nash is the attitude of an MMA fighter and right. I love Zoellick we walk into this venue and somehow she knows the guys who the guy who shaken ideas right okay. We don't want to the bar but yeah same venue five. Hundred miles from where she's ever did you ever get anywhere close to this before and she goes to the bartender. Stacey I don't sit hands free Beers. JC with Stacy who were sitting at the bar were enjoying the show this random tall ask dude walks up and goes mileage and I. This guy and the guy goes so all of my boss back in Philly what do you guys do want to oversee what were haven't really sure you don't wanna. Oh you're over here are clearly you don't Stacey this dog I don't know anybody in my analog and Hillary dear yeah. So I'm like oh man. Don't talk and my mom just not sorry to my favorite band hit the light is up next I. Can't wait to watch it the lights from the bar this tall guy over here is being goes. It lets your trip to ban her and I know you have any goes you guys grab your Beers come with me and I'm like with the hell's about to go on rank. And he walks us through the crowds packed crowd and there is this little. Gated off area right next to the front walks us up to the front of the season the side of the seas where it's partitioned off we have all the room we want in the world right now I'm watching. My favorite band from. Right there are next to the states I'm and all of my glory meanwhile you. Yeah. Yeah you're right I didn't. Is he talking about didn't like very obscure punk slash am at the very least here it's about the experience this targeted and so much narrower and meanwhile my mother's talking to the security guy at the front of the gates Latinos. He's talking to emerge guide that she knows that I. I realized looking around that 90% of people she's talking to our members of my favorite bands that are all there she. Everybody that I could ever dream to know and wouldn't introduce me a one home. She doesn't want JB group we are just not as much you like the science is I was twelve years old. Hold on I remember when we interviewed. What's the brand. From egg brands carry from Remington and yes talk. Yeah he yeah. A picture of your mom walking with him in the band and it is yeah really funny picture she's like acting like your security guard. And we showed Jimmy started cracking yeah. I guess you. My big behind the scenes is a movie made about her one day yeah. Wild woman that was behind the scene that knew everybody was like fifty drop it and that's a movie that will soul. Only tournament I'm an executive producer credit to get a little cash on the size. I was sure why people all his lawyer mom knows everyone and I genuinely mean this she's unforgettable. And do not yes when you have so what is unforgettable. It is like French Montana you can forget what the hell does she have a should we are in Milwaukee now and she doesn't know everybody Larry I know about just what you guys mom oh geez come and see I don't and never for. Get her dad always had caddies yeah are with mom and dad it's this it's gonna be fine now is Italy's it was completely lamenting. I won't get. Yeah. I'll calling into work on Friday. None of us will be here is is going to be music in. The deal buying your stimulus. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss a Dem dot com.