Gibbons - Mamma G Breaking The Mental Health Stigma

Thursday, October 12th

After speaking with Mamma G, Gibbons discovered that his mom is going through mental health issues and decided to talk about it in an attempt to break the stigma involved with conversations about mental health issues.


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An Alley re wines. So does the budget drama with mommy G earlier in the week you guys heard that I found out she was engaged to be a snap Chad yes that's right it's kind of set up three engaged. Yeah every case this story correctly his. Look at it we like details my mother was majority gage is somebody using gaze to a guy who they broke up she threw the ring and the was all right. I send people of the dudes house to like to yell into. And that I don't snapped up at her in this do or re engaged again right to be talked to rescind this week I yeah I get a call tomorrow and Wednesday are right. Yeah actually I called her finally materials up and she answers the phone NGOs. Brian has to call you back or I'm going to my new psychiatrists office and don't know psychiatrist or are you came moments she goes yeah I was in the hospital last week talked to you about it later but what and how. Hangs up the phone right. I immediate I'm driving when this happens I immediately start to cry I immediately start to panic I pulling on the side of the road and is really actually the staff isn't so. Mean I did your mom from the hospital and holy hell you would from zeroed out a hundred voted my mom has had meant. We'll see mental issue she's been through a lot of mental anguish over the last like fifteen years young and she's had her ups and she's tattered balance. And the minute I heard you on a psychiatrist you're dealing with mental illness and that was it easier for its look at your equipment issue is just mental illness and cattle illness. So than three hours go by and I'm waiting for this call and I'm hyperventilating I can't breathe I can't yeah I can't sleep I can't focus I'm waiting for the call. And the call comes in finally in what what happened mama G. She lets me know. That her psychiatrist retire while dishing the same psychiatrist for like 25 years none he retired Clinton and she was tense issues finding another psychiatrist. No I didn't know is when you stop senior psychiatrist. You can't get your reaction to get elected a psychiatrist prescribed are mad at psychologist. Is a therapist anyway it's may yes. So they're two different things and this is also on learning on the fly source like how are psychiatrist retire she's not on her mats. She starts to east. It's freak out he's got a classic mental illness thing you just updated your Mans did you feel better analyze and get him yeah finding motivation -- materials pretty hard for people bestseller the chemical got a problem when you start to your medication chemical imbalance and things got overwhelming and she freaked out ensure that I have to go to Boston to she drove herself to the hospital I had she didn't get admitted she talks and people there who she told her issues till she was having all this issue all these troubles finding a psychiatrist because there really expensive -- not a lot of money then she was freaking out everybody and hopefully put her on the right medications they helped her find a psychiatrist. Who she's now seeing and she's on the the road back to mental health to get on well. She realized she hadn't issue she nipped in the bud you might. Hospital and I just wish there more people like her on earth yet it doesn't feel this way and it has to go through it and try to mumbled through most ever. Or should get depressed and in this imply something normal hasn't suicide who knows yeah so only fuels are to feel better on their madness taken just part of the main figure out how fans like you think I feel great. You now and then you go right back down under a spiral descent taking your Matt did he take matches for some like that. Long enough firm prolonged sitting time their whole lives right is something Iran for the rest your life then did to Obama send it to us and our doubles also different with. Yeah but here's the thing like everybody gets triggers so like your depression and anxiety into Baghdad that's genetic right yeah people because this genetic mental illness clearly genetic. You proud you know people who go do something dramatic. And kind of go off the deep end and that's something triggers right so maybe your record either car accident I don't know I'm just coming up with something random news if you're screwed up for awhile and he wins or something dramatic so much she gets them held in whatever it instantly kills at least therapy. So I think there's all kinds of and then there's addiction there's addicts and. You like sure it's right. At me at Merrill Howell and synonym. Occasion part is well it helps it's also scary because she has some people that can do it never medication affects people differently if it affects you differently than someone else they can work to yes you feel happy but some announce a manic and that's why you how many of these camera. Do you see where it says Nicholas suicidal thoughts it's terrifying to some of these drugs. You see hip yeah terrifying I am there's also distinguish she I'm not going to name names are there people very close to her who give her crap contradict rebels are taking that. In this time though they were constant basis in the a little worse people yet. Ever lifted those people disagree that we are matters that if your arm was broken he would go get six nobody will be it for taking Valium not your plate was broken you would go get it fixed in the same thing and ask. People are down she needs a support system that really she doesn't really have the full support system around that she needs an ally in the last three years I've called her like every two hours and network anchor she's all right be sure she gets somebody to talk to congress you're out. Too much. You know I know jello down my god he didn't have a moral cultural. Where are currency of choice or we'll let mama Jane we love him off yes then hash tag mental health can't break that stigma and primary race. Did Dave talking about it and then it's not easy but we are protesting the night to get is engaged to Marty and I don't. All kidding about it. FF yeah. Riggs and Elliott breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.