Gibbons - Joining The PTA

Thursday, September 13th

It seems like just yesterday that Gibbons was a bachelor living a WILD life. Now...he's joining his the PTA at his girlfriend's daughter's school. Is he absolutely crazy, totally out of his mind, or BOTH?!

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This is a and Ellie rewind so my life as you guys all know is undergoing drastic changes young I am moving in in the middle of moving in with my girlfriend and her two young daughters that are offered in your life and never looked pretty big bag I know that anyone aside for my family and moved out of mom's house about six years ago I've never lived and we. That may never did insanity is against it is also to keep your if your results as you're living on three new people yes speaking of three roommates. That is on yeah Laura and I know you're in afford little and I call. Murder and getting operated another dog to a chair and god he's so I'm still going to for sure given Sony's super small. And daddy I didn't hear you resolve Scott did you not learn anything any easterly. Your life DNA right now and nothing that I'm trying to get my life together OK okay. It doesn't mean you're getting your life together I just eat out I don't understand that OK I am just being clear object okay so help me in my corporate are going to. Her paperwork under her first graders saw a school stopper going from first grade. Just don't have the stuff and they have a field trip coming up shears gotta be cool to get this coming up there's a dance didn't you just hate. You join the PTA eight. And I. And I says so my cell serious you do. I don't wanna join the PTA. Parent jagged blocks so. Like Ambrose seemed that moms aren't seen bad momma. There they dedicated her whole life to now pull their streaks like no I don't have that time how do you have that time I don't have the I'm literally enjoying the PGA so I can go and have a voice in the community but really I just from people lots because I remember the PGA club. Meetings when I was a kid asked school there were pretty easy you can. Call it that anymore they call PC accept my kids Erekat. Ad council's tackle the parent councils some that I have now really teeny proposed ridiculous things at these meetings so I'd carry out an exciting I think Vienna to lunch menu comes down. And under the added or I can we remove Christopher Columbus from the curriculum doesn't matter how pretty got that would hear the curriculum we do enjoy it. Okay yes we do you tend to race again. Yeah but athletic I would say and it's yeah ha ha ha I hope he added taxes. Or is she did enjoy ET obviously you know what you're both did enjoy the art up there not a good. Didn't and my kids know your biological children even gave her nightmare during the PGA get a grip game and I. I want to make a difference in the game. I don't know how how do you think you're gonna make a difference it made my job. He is no way because the children are the future in the PTA have a lot to say they do fundraisers netstat yeah yeah you bet here today retail sales yesterday's oral now. Change the world. Sales are gonna lead the school since the Norwegian media. I don't know some art programs are going to lead to and Richmond and betterment of the students the children are our future. I am doing my best to save the future and make the world a deadly place. The crap that's coming out of his mouth right now knowing that Ali give Vincent how many don't know right did he say something loud enough that makes Richard. It's OK okay. Really what's the how. I can't yeah. Here the children are our future and I am just doing my best and try to make a difference and make lives better we'll have got a lesson in what is evidence. You are just jump in and Hatteberg and and tell state do you a hole you are forever bloody hell I don't know jumping in the deep and you putt like sandy your time. I. Only I don't gushed volatility where they may use. Grace. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.