Gibbons - Is It Cool For His Female Friend To Stay With Him?

Thursday, April 26th

Gibbons has had a female best friend for nearly 30 years. She's coming to town and staying with him FOR A WEEK! Gibbons says his girlfriend is cool with it. Alley disagrees. What would YOU do in this situation?


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She missed it the first time. And Ellie every line CNN's. All right I need help friends here with the girls as kids we have another girl coming to. It's not even close at moment and I. Our record amount of capital. The nail on the hand I have a girlfriend she has two kids my best friend is coming to town Saturday night Jack jam also a female she has no kids she's been my best friends to her four years old. My girlfriend knows she's coming they've talked everything's cool there are good big role as a 100% a 100% how big debt yeah the second day in day out before. We paid out one time is delighted this goal is still crossed over that barrier like I could never crossed over that barrier would you like rags out to me out. Well you should feel that way with this check. Played a hot all of them notably got drunk one night high school we may tell. The lighting you could only crossed the lines are people at a very close girlfriend of mine that we were just friends and we cross that line and it. I hate it when I'm at right now and it was still Franz was to its what does he never. Oh yes all right romantic. Yet my wife does that she was like you she came in visited I would be a little bit win and out and asset rightfully so I how long were you in this female friend of yours friends' column like did you. Personnel or ten years ten I. I've been best friends that this team copper mine for damn near thirty years we lived across the street from each other edit like that and are you taking out any laughs what is. Because she's just a sudden she's in its no big deal I think it's important cities no no one dollar and. That should these. Yeah overall colored Ford 47991037. Yeah I had a 10370 yeah the island the rock I. Don't think it's that big deal that I meet up with this friend fifteen years ago one time some and I've known since I was four years old what are you worried about getting what you're within our guys you know the question the idea I got to figure out a way to energy in this girl for a week here what are girlfriend did. Art and followed I don't know she's my girlfriends and come out as well but like this is the first friend I've had for a long period of time in Milwaukee I had a by anybody visit last may for like a three day weekend and that was super -- is go go go we only have three days. No other seven days and there's only so much is still here I look at that would you television is coming up much sheiks coming for a week here's what you have your your friend do you have yell and alrighty. You know you set up a couple date nights with you when your girlfriend you have your friend babysit a couple nights that's a really brings it. I know it's Ruben yeah now we should she didn't she got your event. His girlfriend you get parents to love visiting his girlfriend just seizing the kids at this. A overthrow. The bridge she's told me my friend Laura who's coming to town Saturday she's told me she really wants to meet my corporate only courses. She has said she want to spend some time with the kids so maybe when she shows up shall volunteering to hate another two kids here you guys you know financial volunteer did OK you got I don't know we're. You hear what I hear yeah may be might straight why me out with one time I come visit I turn my girlfriend did she may find this letter to come here to visit me in Wednesday. With your girlfriend all kids. I know it's going to be a fun time of family time somebody takes them 7137. What she did good kisser how. What kids are out I mean and extreme. Words just your average I have no interest whatever you remember ever yeah you remember edits it sickened. You son love now. And this is asked during the hot givens yeah. There to tell the trinity embodies this is a good morning amber. The bad. Our strategy parted company didn't girl. Yes girls the girlfriend meeting in the girls. How did they girl cause friends. Yes I actually amendment that. It is great and my husband I'm not predicting parent has paper and that it got to keep from him bar. Kyra and therefore you know and they never me out you can think. But we actually have a running joke that they are just that cheaper because the life. You know about peg but she's never they never out. And I think that made me feel better that not yet. So basically which is Tony Gibbons is when you're going out next week is teller that teacher sister wife. So I'm getting a soft right. All. They you know all so we help each other out but I don't think if it's in the wake of what Al all right I think it was a whole you know make you know. It makes it different and it typically a little bit are you thanks for Colin amber our panel. Vascular guy's opinion Alex is doing he's got to know this is a platonic thing totally well. The. I certainly disagree with. I meant well here's the good and other. You have a best friend her friend from long a long ago girl boy you'd get us. You know when you come at the girl brought to get all it's all there can be questionable well. OK let us. I know I met a bunch of her guy friends who she's known for twenty plus years of my supposed to be you know worried about that anytime she talks to her guy friend that only gets -- let me know. I didn't ask why you gotta give Israel let's reverse the situation she's having a guy friend come to visit her. Stay with their fairly thick hide out once a long time ago but they're just really clear is how is it is really get president and get a for a while he's going to be sleeping at her house staying there the night the American and let's go and I'm. Is that OK with you I know Romanoff totally cool that 100% because the whole trust a lot of our relationship is about trust I trust my girlfriend and I trust her friend not to make any moves 100% yeah hundred per 1000%. I don't think that and tinkered completely lying to yourself. Know how they get totally left I just say I'm coming for a week to video you secure. Platonic I'll we are just. My best shoot it from what you shoot the she's dating when my good friend what you gonna let him do it by myself for a week and being liked what Tom act now. Neither my friendly actually I've never Gallagher I don't for my whole life I wanna go for like two days it leans right but we spend you don't love wedge enough for the for you know you're lucky. It usually let you are. And thanks for Colin embers in us this morning. Are you going to just that's how we at Texas 7:1 at 7 o'clock o'clock on well yeah. Yes she had been vacationing to babysit she's vacationing for the let's drug making out of place over high fighting. Given just so you know you hurt my friend or her kids you'll deal with may not cool that a female you made out this coming a bit. You're prince and Britain's third texting. But then all my boyfriend is laid out his seem remote and most of his female friends who all grew up with I let them stay with us we are all horny teens need to make out at some points. I mean I've got a little Qaeda people sleeping together in the closet whenever you look at today. I. Do it given you are not this I know you're not initiator off from I don't guy who I would watch him with women he was cheating on his woman went like they would all hang out and abruptly to the women until the British series I think he my friends and actually hear us. And he wouldn't be having relationships of these other web men and his. His wife would be there and they would albeit a party it is discussing the I know you're not really doing that no final I what are you have to men actually meant do it is my point and let that test and it really sleeping with just that it wouldn't put it as women to think that that's gonna happen MBA in paranoid about it all right and Noel good morning in the lock you anything about this. Give his girlfriend is meeting his Carroll paused friends. Earl podtrac us. Imagine but I. I'm. My best friend we've known each other that. Freshman not stop or your junior high school and here we are thirteen working here later and actually what your girlfriend the piper bit party. And the entire family it was late. I'm meeting I would there trying to he'll come apart did you guys make out. Yeah. OK. On the. Every now. You've played some sun did you did it. I mean I would there's nothing to Vegas but I don't talk to them anymore and I'm. We get a tax Roma Texas 37 I'm uncertain sledding why I mean FaceBook message comes from my girlfriend I was nine years plus friend no my actual program. Children. And I quote you kiss your friend a long time ago it wasn't anything recent or anything however it's odd that the weeklong stay and I wish you would have told me it was down. Which I could have sworn I yeah. What's so it's fairly certain I did all. All of GM's plans except he just happened to forget how iron shot on coming up tomorrow morning and show. President repairs. Well it is awkward to deteriorate background watch so. Shoulder launched its. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.