Gibbons - I Love You Moment

Tuesday, April 24th

Gibbons is seriously in love.....again. Find out how his relationship has now gone to the next level!


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Kelly replied yeah. In case you missed it the first time what's going on gives you guys know last week I went out and Robert happy diamond is a so we're handing out you I. Hot it is in the almost summer show up. It's clearly. Got a big relationship updates yeah. It's finally happened you guys after my girlfriend and I had a moment you know we shared the big one for three not taken us the big I love you that. I'll write off. All you answer that yet noted so it's kind of it's been again a little bit of a joke like I strongly that a tour one nice she accidentally said to me one afternoon we both were like oh my god could. I sit in a blacked out she's in order and do those things kind of thing. A lot of got a seven year blacked out again as long black got a lot to. I just cartridges for black plus. I'm getting this. Other relationships over that's my first question absolutely. I can't let me like I did the other night it was the morning answer are are almost summer show down you're laying in bed all huddled up looking at each other and it was so cute and locked eyes. And it was intense second gays who has looked. We blinked and looked. In the words came out and low ball. You always. Stories we're moving any other you have that I love you it makes absolutely no sense I do anything. Ever make sell out there it makes sense now the answer is never give. I just shocked that he had said he had not like a love you are like now abbreviation of atlas. Say hi how did you not moving any other beyond that I loved Leo that the hail Mary Ellis I mean that's. Here are there particular legitimately that I'm get out and I heard the I love you from both of her kids and I said it back illusion she and I hadn't had the right situation like this it she said it accidentally won all love yet open and she reached immediately froze up I said I don't think Patrick's day when I was trump and that's not gonna count what happens for kids need to and they did it. They're just setup and he's very sad I love you to the kids this is we unload you know certain of YouTube does a weird to me I'm sorry what's heard about it what are. I take ten kids not our. You're tired or move it together but Jeff and I levied on her. Your weight your ears so far ahead of you moves so fast ahead of the digital or nothing for near east hot couple. July get easy rang nonstop over. Clearly not an imminent in the moment it was a great moment and we're talking a moving the other but we're gonna start great moment Greg the first series aren't good how big. Tackling it. It's a great great moments a great time in life and now we know her phone calls differently and I love you I love you too and our morning greeting isn't just good morning David good morning. Have a great day. I love you look. And stuff. It's up OK okay I can't think all right our life. Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.