Gibbons - The Holiday Grinch

Friday, November 17th

Gibbons wanted to see the Holiday Lights reallllly bad but kept getting blocked en route and has now become a huge Grinch! Boooo!


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She missed it the first time. And Ellie every line. I think it's safe to say that at any point the holiday season. At some point we all have a little bit of a region that's right it's a little then yeah well paint me green and say I stole Christmas is my holiday season is off to a rough start you guys. He is what you can now allow the holiday lights are last night right now I'd been do you go downtown why I got to tell you all about it I'll do now I was in the yellow muscle earlier I was so forward to arms and so fortunate all we aren't at the Milwaukee downtown lights like celebration I I went last year I guess that's why I was looking so lowered to expand my part. So I planned out. Perfectly I was by myself I was and have twenty minutes to check out all the lights I'd be right there for the fireworks show write down. So I'm walking there and I can see the lights the distance and now I'm across the street and in America across the street go over bridge and I'm there I can smell the hot chocolate I can see the light I can't wait. And I walk up to his present to walk over and it's blocked. I can't get over. And there's a nice policeman there who says oh just go down one block to the laughs sexual tastes I walk one block left. And I was literally I was fifty few written part goma block in fifty due to it in the park. And that's blocked up I can't walk over. What's and the nice officer says go one block may be able to shoot off fireworks you hear hear people there that you're. I events so now I'm pat answer when I'm four blocks away I want Wisconsin have a great place. Pastor rock bottom. Mind you I was fifty feet from everything to ARAMARK idea yet and then the fireworks begin when I'm a quarter of a mile away you know they had fireworks and it is huge and I'm like oh my god I miserable this sucks but I like to share in my world the good the bad mean differed with the world and what's going on in my life subplot mark. When you're on the go once abject yell about this right. And then my bone dies she. You have no pictures from the tree lighting none. I'll know you're no pictures of the fireworks no you don't that's just give us that Jack I don't know I. And I was only able to even get to the holiday let's because I couldn't cross the bridge I had it planned perfectly now and it all blew up literally right in my face I. So upsets crazy hash tag skiers and sell Syria could do that there John Chisholm. Soledad closed bridges come check out my Chanukah bush anytime things don't take that the wrong way you sit down. And I don't know I still. They get there and I know you all know now and stop fanning the flames of its relationships. Mark I totally. Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss a Dem dot com.