Gibbons - His Family Is So Needy

Tuesday, November 14th

Conversations between Gibbons and his family have had a similar theme recently....they all think he's mad at them! No! No! No!!!


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And now they re wines. Ever realize your entire family is crazy at work or you're a total jerk it's one of the two. I know that wasn't its there's a whole drama happening with your family couple weeks ago your sister said she was better than everybody is he had he had to apologize to her. That hasn't happened yet there's been zero communication in that handled good. Terrible and now what happened now my daddy it's me up okay now when my mom Stanley it's me up whenever we speak the conversation always starts with. Are you mad at me as you call. Never had this issue with my dad before and a good my dad communicate like twice a day three times today in mostly be attacks just hey how you don't know what's going on yeah yeah so yesterday my dad text me. They both because we buckwheat pig book are you met him here so there is Kurdish and you don't hit me up like you normally would it. And I looked at our last communication. Yesterday was Monday yeah looks on Saturday. There was one day were reading communicate. Thinks I'm mad at me so I don't demand a camera there he thinks he thinks I'm so if she thinks I'm mad at him after one day of not communicating our system myself. What are my grand mom fixed I've talked my grandma and since my birthday yeah so I call my grand mom. I agree it hasn't. I can't I'd pleading to hear from you aren't. Let me something I don't know grandma why can't quite talk TV on your birthday and her. Do you sense. And I'm like grandma I think you want to give everything you're doing an omelet so you know that I'm busy you is I'm not me. If I'm mad at you I will let you know there's an issue and I will help solve that I'm an adult. Dear for these are shelling over the phone also works it both way. Like they can also call re helping you when you can be at all. How are you grandma like I just hear from you once and no I'm just gonna wait for me call me again sit by and wait and wait and wait and wait and why. Call me why is it in oak model shall works two ways I think. So if Cramer of mad mama she's got to be upset as well and I call mama Jean what's the first thing mount Jesus why you mad at me Evan color her genuine forty reality and don't look like god you people. Nobody did. Nobody gets re out they say due to be the initiator of the conversation all the time I'm literally like okay Graham mom you're retired and you sit at home and don't do much during the day and no. Mom you work nice to see a security guard and sleep all day yeah I'm awake. And ready to go to somebody hit me up little but got the right stuff the only pitcher to. You're not a jerk on a jerk but it's her totally different reason it's different if I look at the horseshoe ways givens family off on now they're trying to listening and asked him. I know they are right Patrick April your grandson collier signs and shared once in a little Jimmy usually new and yes its OK and fine. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.