Gibbons - Is He Adding to His Family?!?!

Tuesday, February 20th

What's up with this dude?! Gibbons already might be looking to add to his ready-made family. Seriously. Is it too soon or WAY TOO SOON?!?!


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She missed it the first time. An Alley every line. Given what the hell's going on with your life you're adding the evidently having your payment last time I checked you were broke out. With a new girlfriend I do get good very good at what she's gonna rather well. She ends she is not pregnant there are no twins. Are you adapting II and I am I might be adopted. Well and not the person that's not decrease editor responsible for human life hey I might be adopting. New dog. Yes it's why talking about kids and yes that's the first thing I said as you can finally take care yourself. I kind of take care of myself all right so. The stick and the dog will come with food and come with more bad jolt sixteen here so that's why. Lock down OK I have talked about. Morning to get a second dog since a month after I get my first dog killer because to me I feel like my body killer my little Chihuahua Basenji mix is kinda lonely. And so when I come home he's energetic and super hyper and he's hyper from the minute I get home until the minute I leave because when I leave he's by himself. So I've been wanting for years now to bring somebody into the fold so he has somebody to play with and I'm not around some of the key menu eight friendly guy. For Keller get to a point or get a curtain. I went and met the dog for the first and his name is hunter he's the opposite of killer and that he's very docile very chill super just kind of relaxed. We had a first meeting that went pretty well and we're going to do other how did you find the start of a friend of a friend. A great deal and take this or your ego first and then although you third place guy if they're chomping at the bit to let me apart. This is like the family that has a kid who wasn't ready for the candy can't really had or they can play and their like okay we're gonna deal with that were making a work in that is side let's have a second chance. Tell you having second hit in putting a more a financial board nine even more why would you do to your eye here in the tiny little apartment you can have two dogs in his apartment there too. Everything about. Mark hydrocarbons and bright that in the money thing to Daniel a tiny little apartment they're using the gonna keep each other company trying to win 100% and Mike tearing your apartment to peace is so now. Your hear like it's somebody supposed to come aides say make your mom or your dad go dividends snow now. On you don't have the money for another dog. Your you know barely make your Richard Richard you know you're gonna adopt a dog then girlfriend now Sadat in the you can hang out. And once in awhile and do that that we gonna make a full commitment maker make the commitment could argue that god no doubt the best I. And animals as you crush yeah she her up landlord is very allergic to dogs or she's not allowed to have any dolls at her apartment M. And this stuff I mean his little hunter he's got these big Paul's written little body and his bid and Medicare. And you're gonna pay perks all the Miami and the person we're adopting that I'd be adopting the dogs drowned has said that whenever I go out of town she would love to babies and adults that she her kids get to see the dog though why are they getting rid of the dog yeah I play in making keep Shia that the lady who is getting not getting rid of the be giving up the dog for adoption is going to renew Boerse a real messy divorce now she's working two jobs now to keep your team. So on the up and ups you have the time to take care for the dog she'd rather. Give the dogs were nice home and you have the time take care of two dogs now I have two dogs they can take care vigilant and entertain each other and I feel like you play. This is sky on bailing out renting another human. Did you ever think they'll be no I don't come home and playing cards you like us aren't in aren't as quite apart to get. And I are of course they're gonna play cards everyone knows what your dog doesn't like you guys friends and they play poker written as a right. Yeah because. A lot of money Abbott had you don't have any money. And normally I get the tiniest apartment have ever seen in you're gonna get a second talked now I don't know what my job to be happy my little killer toppled his idea either. I think work your right where people want another kid and the idea of its yes so much fun so that's done you're up. The middle of the night with that new can't now ten you're cleaning up the mess that did Nader than it did Hugh somewhere. To kid who somewhere. And he did and that you're right others seems so Mike's lunch. Fine my life and it is everytime I make a big decision you make a list right given subject in love with the idea has every right and the reality analysts to draw a line down nominally put pros and cons you write symbols like the pros of having a second dog in Iran and having second on and be honest with that Lester whichever side adds up to more. That's how I make a decision OK I'm going to make that list today and then let's recap tomorrow I'll give you don't know anything content you'll go from where I'm way test tomorrow same time I can only time fine. Don't be stupid you moron. Look at us all of the Charlotte and I think realm I want to. Given your iTunes and now I'm. They'll get a little toggle analysts tomorrow after this except that it went Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.