Gibbons - Happy Birthday Mamma G!

Wednesday, August 8th

Gibbons has been waiting a year to tell Mamma G this....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!! Find out what she has planned for her big day!

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Kelly re like. JCMR the first son of three point seven kiss FM trig now he thought about I know are right we got mama G on the file on good morning rummaging more important Majid. Everybody and I are. Listen I love how you're all cheerful and jovial but we and they got to talk about something serious. This is another one of those things where your son has not told us what is going on he said the something up with mama Jeane is gonna put her on the radio I have no idea was going on Alley has no idea what's going on what Eliot talking about givens. Our our US current Mulligan way to tell you this for awhile pretty much a year I'm going to tell you this are are you ready. Snell are are you sitting down. Mommy and talk. I've been waiting for a year to tell you do oh yeah. Birthday do you have a G. Needs who uses his head probably you have big. Hi guys this issue well I thought it was going to be good peeked out there. Best candidate Terry Glenn I'm fifty pick. Even better mollid GM has been partying for the last. So her birthday and save the entire top seed is going to be to do not have done. So. And I knew. It I knew she was gonna be 56 I saw her. Yesterday never mention did I never mentioned her birthday yesterday. Morning you forget how old you tell. I don't I think people had 38 of 39. All the time gives it a 36 and 35 I don't know anymore. I generally don't forty poorer. 21 trying to. Yeah I was. I would the year often they might adopt or use the. Is he lying you repeat that age like he repeated fifth grade. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Among it's your it's your birthday when he got big play and the and the G. I'll. Go to my son are you a better time. You. Got. Tyler to live the same failed to somber day here and how. Much of that moment homestead life she said that she would never have anymore kids other than myself if she didn't have them by 35 and our 35 birthday now lashing out my little brother Tyler and his office about panic you know my birthday fell on my mind is blue today he is my little brother's 21 birthday which means that I. I don't know well. If I know mom jeans Dario round. They're already starting drug now the deputy plans. Well you know I have to conclude about him as saying yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. We didn't drink but in a mortar Shirley Temple. Heart and such just hard him as a celebrity. You haven't won only and is identical dragged me though. Oh yeah Europe birthday present as you never have to worry about getting arrested for a vet. Yeah. Yes you are no longer contributing Jesus is delicacy of a minor gaffes tonight. I would be years. I just an admittedly I'm about Muslims everywhere have a bird's body. I don't I don't I don't let us. And he had used it in there and seeing deleted snakes we see entire. Whole thing with the council on drugs ordinarily I would well. Yeah. All of its. Riggs and Elliott Briggs Kelly weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.