Gibbons The Great Vs.Tracy

Friday, January 19th

Someone who works at KISS actually had adult relations with the person on Tracy's mind as she tried to get the best of Gibbons The Great! So scandalous!!!


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Finale re wines. Steve let me do I'm just not a bad you can get inside your dad yeah I'm glad to know really really not it is written. And I can do that they lost in the studio is still undefeated record now twelve and older. And beaten yet for season 4 and play every morning around 745 it try to stump that was somebody famous you think of somebody like. Part actually earned him yeah Carson Daly or whatever and he did ask yes or no questions and deciding. You're thinking now aren't so let's bring him in the studio this morning it was a lot. I'm glad I just get on the right can't in either one of those things. It's just not enough to grounding shoot I don't know none out all right we got Tracy on the phone from Germantown he's gonna try to stamping this morning Tracy are you ready. Right our system integrators is Tracy. OK Tracy might this be an adult now that you think and out no. But there's a few now then yes yeah. And this is someone who really exists. Much Medina somebody whose age is older than twenty. Yeah. As a person on your mind recorded any album before our. Could you Dana someone who has children. Mike this person mean African American will. On your brains are so whose ages older than fourteen years. Maybe this person on your mind is older than fifty. Up is this person known for speaking Spanish. Has this character that you got on your mind already passed away and we'll know. Is this somebody who plays an American movies. Right knee got this let's be clear up like Chris. The bond oh. It was a fly girl she was on a six shooter Jennifer Lopez. Who. Yes. One of the guys in our building dated back in the day have to log time ago and he won't give up any details about it at all if Greg laden before she was a fighter yes a pre pre anything Jennifer love. Good thing gas today after Tracy thank or blame given the great this morning you haven't given that adolescent. And adult day thinking so it was a great. Drag and now Monday morning around 7457991037. Real personality it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.