Gibbons The Great vs Xavier

Thursday, March 22nd

Fans of R-rated animated figures will know who Xavier was thinking of when he tried to stump Gibbons The Great.


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She missed it the first time. Knowingly lying. You might be just not a bad you can get inside your dad yeah I'm glad to know really really not here he is written. Send. Off 44 wins only spending four times the very field team given the great thing to somebody famous. No Ryan Reynolds lose a flu or Japanese friends savage. I know he's got gonna. LA now and not taking guessing you think 7991037. But let's bring given the great in the studio and his bizarre accent. There we got Xavier on the phone professor Xavier is gonna try to stump me this morning they be ready. Yeah I was god all right my job summit on your brain from a TV series. Probably not now already could this be an adult male on your brain and does adult smell really exist. Yes. Is milk it's either yes are now. Now writes I'm so we'll take that as an all right. I'm your brain a gentleman who's ever been in a movie. Yeah. Does this person had a Baird. Could you have an evil person on your mind perhaps. All right does the name of this person that you got your brain appear in the title of the film. Does the name of the character on your brain appear in the title of the film. Hard data does the name of the character in your brain appear in the title of the movie you. Might this person be linked to a superhero. This is personal in your mind this character known for wearing a red suits. You need is some good fights and they swarm yes. People need to this one I only got through your mind it's dead pull himself. Yes dead pull is that Ryan Reynolds yes is right around. Hi in the second what is coming out later this year it's going to be amazing to listen you all about it after the break down. The dental face of claims they hear the cell and up two point seven kiss FM bad call yes you do get stuck it was a great try every morning around this time. It's one of three point seven kiss FM three personality it's breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on the man and 1037 kiss FM dot com.