Gibbons The Great Vs Vicky

Thursday, June 21st

Which Holy figure do YOU think was on Vicky's brain as she attempted to stump Gibbons The Great?!

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An Alley rewind do you any good I'm just not a bad you can get inside your head. Glad to know really really not hear it years. Examiner saying it is a great loss and the studio with a record of eighteen and a half. Then beaten you and one half. I'm in this. The president so there was a man you were wrong. It is almost a one and even that out one thing that's going to then let's bring him into the stadium given to Greg. You're so melting in the morning no. There was that is Sally did to settle down Shannon Briggs shaft now I jumped above the above. Vicki got a call from Fort Washington Vicki. You ready descent into the great. I don't honest guy. All of digging yourself are you also trying to blow my mind hey Dick you all right that was Mickey let me ask you this TV had a female on your mind. Maybe this person really exists. In the yeah. Are you think of someone who is famous only for being on YouTube. No but you got a celebrity on your mind yes. Been notified that celebrity's but somebody's. People won't know yet. How are dispersing creates music. You know. Maybe get bigger as someone from a popular television show yes. No. On your mind is as someone who acts and pornography. Shops. It's a lady and I said it has had to do an ass but as a person on your brain never been married before are now. The gentlemen undermined older than eighteen years. Did you have a character who plays and movies. No. May be thinking about athletes but no my jabs him and on your mind who uses a cellular telephone. Now. Is this person and American. Don't you think as someone who passed away where before their time when they were young. Now the person on your brain being dead for longer than a hundred years. Now as a person passed away. Is the person on your brain involved with charity work for the country in which he lives. Below me got it's hair. That's because they're on my crystal ball and I think it on the line the only not to employ our non non non other terrorists. Asked. I've Calcutta Selig likes what you have to do it did she walked. Not that we now lives but the irony of a picture they would give us the greatest like Vicky thank Margaret and a line is maybe they can monitor its. Everything is meant so even bigger HI every morning with Claire and aid to running one of three point seven kiss FM. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.