Gibbons The Great Vs. Vanessa

Friday, October 27th

His voice makes the ladies swoon. He's amazing. And Vanessa called in attempting to stump Gibbons The Great by using his name. Who is he? Listen to find out!


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Rigs Nellie rewind. You might be just not a bad you can get inside a young man and admit to not really not here he is written and. Send it right it was a great in season three as a record of 32 wins on the NB once and that loss came this week will his. Second loss beyond that gives birth thing. Let's bring in the studio. A lot and mr. given the grades good that you already is that what it was your birthday to your birthday as well that's right on this today. 367. Years ago given the greater the barn crisis Yemeni AARP card you know I'm AJ RP the truth that. I didn't take on Vanessa this morning from Franklin that's my good Michael and Franklin does Kramer's Vanessa let's go. I'll read Vanessa is a female that you think announced now. My discharge him be famous only for being on YouTube. Now. He gets among your brain older than twenty. And this person lives in the United States of America yeah. Much ridiculous someone who's linked with sports. Now. Is this someone who really exists. Yet. On your brain you got someone who creates music. This is an African American. This is someone who could beat early older than fourteen years. Are you thinking of our rapper bell. Does this sort blew out cannot see maybe a little blind in the eyes. And irregular tech questions. Not to Ray Charles it's not Stevie Wonder but you're thinking of a singer yes. Yes. This is person right now older than fifty. Now. Has this person on your brain and accused of any crimes before. Now. Yeah a country singer brandy. Now. This is a member of a group. How. Is this guy charger on your mind who's got children of their own. Yeah. Using known by his full name this person on your brand. This is personal for May be creating Christian music. Out. He got this and all right let's be clear up McChrystal bar real quickly. Are you figure this singer mister Brian McKnight. Oh wow. That's why our pretty amazing day. Tim one of my favorites she what is he done lately I don't think anything nothing now got your army once and awhile. I mean tar and you know. He plays casinos now that's right why yet you elect a dream come true. News today of the designer did he win it DJs are angry and you aren't involved are you very much we appreciate that not so given that just sets off this show and as a negative state of slim given the greatest morning Carol and we were like he really is link casinos now and listen listen listen okay this man as busy last week Q is on the Steve Harvey show us and says I need them out every we don't know if you are we get people around now I get into. Actual plane ticket to see if I have a day. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.