Gibbons The Great Vs. Terry

Friday, April 20th

You know him from The Voice and as Gwen Stefani's BAE. He was on Terry's mind as Terry tried to stump Gibbons The Great. Do you know who the person was?!


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And Ellie realize. You know Casey mr. the first time. You gonna do I'm just not a bad you can get inside a young man. I admit to not really did not hear it years. And I get in the latest record of 64 wins on the Indy five times do you think somebody famous from a movie or an an artist or singer and TV show Ackerman. Beating guessing you don't get up using only yes or no questions in this bizarre accident I get a let's bring in in the studio tomorrow and you don't. Both are black you did get some Botox it looks like to your cheeks look really nice this morning gives a great. Probably get Terry on the phone from a great Terry you ready to play with gives a great. And they are all right let's go all right Terry might engender of this person on your brain the FD now. I know. Maybe get someone on your mind who is older than fourteen. We now. Could this person's age be older than twenty years. Yes. Might just surging creek music. Yet he has over authority FYI how. We're really bet the over under forty gun club probably all I got knocked out all the evil makes me how I. This president already passed away now are you thinking of an actor belt maybe you've got a politician on your mind. Now could this person BS singer may be a songwriter who works for the singer in the past yeah. Does this person known for being a rock and roll group. Now. Yeah they Caucasian on your brain donors whites yes. Maybe you've got someone who's known for being in the country genre. If yes. Are you thinking of someone from the TV show the voice. And one of the judges yes. Yeah. Really easy here let's secure in my crystal ball just to make sure I got to try to here do we think you know Blake Shelton. Are over party out yes. He authority why. All fairly well what is an advanced weapons of bodies 48 girlfriends but that's what you want younger. She's not returning to the voice next season they'll grow again so essential sort of felt she don't event presidency I think that's Lanny and all right Blake Shelton thanks for playlist it was a great this morning Gerri Euro and Larry albums like jail yeah. Do you think he does that give us a great track every morning around 820 dragon into the 65. And fives one and three point seven kiss FM the Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.