Gibbons The Great Vs Tasha

Wednesday, September 20th

The hardest thing Tasha ever had to do was try to stump Gibbons The Great. You may not get the reference now, but you will after you listen!


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Rigs Nellie rewind. You went beyond just not a bad you can get inside your dad didn't admit to not really really not here to years. Examine. Gives me great undefeated in season three's got seven wins. And TV ads sell. Think he can stuff okay. Think somebody famous tennis weird determinant. Crystal balling hasn't guest who you think now so let's bring in the studio givens grace. 25 how. What you have again Tosh given the greatest in the studio and he's gonna try to guess exactly do you think enough givens. The great she's thinking of a pop culture character now asks him yes no questions or C she can stumping this morning. It's just somebody who really exists. Yet are you thinking of a female. World. Might just sum up your mind all the new fourteen. I don't think. This person a Caucasian and yet. The gentlemen on your mind who plays and movies. Well. Is secured their made popular television show. Oh my did beat somebody associated with comedy. So. He got a one on your mind who is our rock band maybe you know. On your brain is there a country singer. Walt. Mike this person BA have risen into the United States of America. Yes. On your mind you got someone who's got children of their own yes. As this person passed away into the great beyond. All. Right Doug in my knee gets somebody who's been a member of a famous band before. Yeah. Was this person popular way back in the 19190. Yes OK is this somebody who is still lift the ban that they're known for. I'm being very apparent order. This is somebody who's been divorced couple are. Yeah. All right G gets on and on your mind whose any group puts their brother. Yeah pleasant person ever dated somebody very famous. Are all right has he gets a monument is ever kissed to lady onscreen by far. Yeah there are all right we got this let's clear up a crystal ball really quickly. We did get a mr. Nicholas Shea from 98 degrees and that's what the. Sorry it's our job. In order nice are you watching this season against the desires. Frightened burger court so well last night was the source the first night no less prayer for her and I thought and a nap as did you. Hey when the eight ball. When you say are dragging. Authorities found that it really watch all of it I don't. Yeah ice call of day trip playlist it was a great this morning. You think you give me a dragon tomorrow morning we do it every day around 820. Given decorate one of three point seven kiss FM well done Sarah Dutton productivity can. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.