Gibbons The Great Vs. Tammy

Wednesday, June 13th

If you were a fan of the film "The Sandlot", you may be able to figure out who was on Tammy's mind as she tried to give Gibbons The Great a loss. Listen to find out who it was!

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Finale re wines. Steve I feel I'm just not a bad you can get inside your dad if I'm glad to know really really not here he is written. Alexander Payne and I didn't think. Bottles at the studio with a record of thirteen and half when is only one and a half losses. It was a half plus because it up princess Zelda was a man that's neither he nor are there still big controversy. So we'll bring him in the studio think somebody famous seeking guess who you think you know somebody give us the great about it. Obama. I love yeah. All right who's honest on this morning and you ready to be stallion is great this morning I am islands Dillon can girl OK Mike you have a female on your mind you know. Does this person really exists. Now. Could you have an animal on your brain now. Undermining got a character that's ever been in a movie before our. Maybe this person to be related to marvel. Note. Is this person a flyer may be some of those lies. Did you did you have someone who has hair. Mean even animated figure on your brain now. Does this person live in the United States. Yeah. Maybe you're taking a teenager. Could this character be from a book we know. Does this person on your mind it would bother their parents. Are you hear Ferran may be thinking of someone who's known him my television series. I'm not a theory. Does this person be from a musical. Now are you thinking of someone who is a kind individual. Amount. Son Alec Smith had to ask her how she's an out. It is a competitive team sports yet but you didn't have a baseball player I am. In his first and maybe is a star player on their team. All Niigata chair. Let's make clear out my crystal ball. You'll be digging in my favorite player from one of my favorite teams and that speed Benny the jet Rodriguez from the sun knots. Nice and 125 anniversary of the sand lot busier is split on your mind is the brewers did a little video. Yep nice even dumb and dumb earned any. And that now either at that part out I'll. Go Google it if he'd I don't or talking about tennis parent. Yeah yeah I think it can carry out a nice Jim Carrey and removal. Bennie the jet Rodriguez from the sand lot played by Mike Qatar thanks for playlist it was a great this morning the big east elements like every morning around 820 on kiss FM. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.