Gibbons the Great vs. Stephanie (Harry Potter)

Thursday, November 2nd

Gibbons the Great is on a ROLL this season, can Stephanie stump him this morning with JK Rowling's most famous character of all?  


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Did any good just you know Doug Matt you done yet didn't start out your dad. I'm glad to know really really not here to years. Alexander and 36 wins eleven mean once in season green given this grace. Tried in every weekday mornings ago somebody famous like now. Tina often. Al Roker on selling well and then that given that the seven and I'm one of 3:7 good morning we're gonna bring you integrated studio city to get beaten this morning. We here get no yet well what's getting old buddy US yeah we like it's it's like called out there though I cantenna that you have a weird sent to you and only certain. Given the grades gonna try to be accessed Stefan is gonna try to be to this morning Stephanie ready Gelb. Iberia theme is great vs Stephanie. All right Stephanie ANSYS somebody that drill. Now. Are you thinking about Mel. Yes it might just be another commercials. Where have you yes on the feet. And you have an adult on your brain health now. All right this somebody a student maybe who goes to school on. My did some of these somebody from a book. Speed economic character from the Harry Potter series. And disseminate it wears those brown glass is perhaps. I mean god did is almost an hour time any let's clear up the crystal ball and make sure we got that big Harry Potter himself. I don't know how you do that. Our guys this tragedy and many people try to science you were in the many that have not beaten them yet thanks for cause I. Chris Taylor and they'll probably I 7 dragon tomorrow morning same time with the it was a great one to three point seven kiss FM.