Gibbons The Great Vs. Skippy

Friday, June 16th

The uniquely-named Skippy stepped in to try and stump Gibbons The Great. Find out which animated figure Skippy thought of!!


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This is rigs and Ali rewind you know it's funny because you couldn't really does yeah. Inside your head and then it led to not really not enhance it. And you come to this terrible accents and crystal ball enough turbines givens grace. You think in the palm of your person you can ask me ask enough questions and guess exactly do you think enough. I need from Sheboygan on the phone this morning shifty exits from the senate you thinking being given the great this morning out. I should be given the great lets out all right shipping does this person really exist but you know. You think it is someone from the Harry Potter series. We know. This is a character that's a male but it. He gets on and on your mind to Wear shoes. Yeah but this is an adult on your brand. As is present you think and I've ever been in a movie film yeah yeah. Yet someone known for wearing a mask. And he isn't animated figure. Yeah. This is someone known for having no hair on top maybe being ball. I don't quite a lot of parent. Yeah he just someone not from any special powers. Is this character from not judge him cause he's franchise. Yes. You dig in as someone who's mostly orange. Pardon. That means yes yes kept. Does this dirtier undermine teleport. Yeah. I knew you know that means does this sort of black hair just society. Yeah. Bombing got desire Timmy got this on nice and easy to tell us what's going from point to point B without moving through our you've got a humble black go cool from Dragonball Z. I. Joseph cook from Dragonball Z he. Steve and I are already. What are you can't get it and it was does and what isn't now this is a cartoon character. Music makes fun of other Dragonball Z Tanzania was in middle school and took a kidnap me be yes and employ eleven the nicest one allies. Got Jimmy did you plan this morning they ran awesome name like shipping. Selling captioning issue of personal and you know being shipped up shift I'm. Riggs and Elliott rigs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.