Gibbons The Great vs. Samantha

Tuesday, July 17th

Which "Pretty Woman" do you think was on Samantha's brain as she tried to give Gibbons The Great a loss?!

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Finale re wines. Steve I do have just not a bad you can get inside your dad didn't admit to not really did not hear it years written. It was great looks and the studio with their record of thirty wins eleven beat them twice and get somebody famous singing guessing you think enough. Needing only yes or no questions it's pretty good and it thirty way out on the been beaten twice. Come out of the city LA given the Greg. We're talking to our friend Samantha here criminal conversation Samantha Michigan's MB this morning Samantha randomly given to grades. Ohio scalp. All right do you have someone in your brain that's really exists. Yeah if this person famous for only being on YouTube. Well much to be taking a man. Is this person famous yeah. Maybe you can someone who creates music. Tomorrow my jab on your mind someone maybe popular TV show. Now makes his first and act in pornography. I don't think well on your mind is there someone who has a cellular telephone. I would if they don't act businessperson known for playing in movies and did you have a similar in your brain user agent older than fourteen rules yet it's my first of hair be blonde. Now free to give a white person. Arab. The person on your brain adopted somebody full. He now. No help yet now volume minus thirty character than as a British accents you know. Maybe get a red headed person on your mind and I'm Brian. Did you first on your brain had been a character in ocean's thirteen the movie. You out there yeah. I Meryl and I it's. You've got. Eight right as the person on your brain this character played in a movie you're in a row with Richard Gere and the actor Al yeah. 100 reacts yeah. Yeah yeah and more than one of the records your year action mean no agenda to clear up my crystal ball. Oh you did you know one of the greatest actors in the volatile and that beat Julia Roberts yeah. You aren't. So now you know I we've had you seem pretty well meant but okay well that's Richard Gere yeah. I don't know she's an eerily. Seattle art fair and she may get another one together which was called light and come to me now pelican brief. But the the elegant or it was a what was the cinema he Julia Roberts date where she was up. Art from the Taliban ally and ask how are they did you take it another. One on purpose because a pretty woman Julia Roberts thanks to play with given the greatest money Samantha. Say are you thinking in 77991037. We play every morning around 820. Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.