Gibbons The Great Vs. Samantha

Wednesday, July 11th

Which movie trilogy time traveler do you think was on Samantha's mind as she attempted to give Gibbons The Great his 3rd loss of Season 5?!

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This is a week's finale rewind Steve I feel I'm just not a bad he can get inside the young man. Glad to know really not hideous red wings and you. I can really reluctant to studio and record of 26 wins women's team twice you think it's somebody famous seeking guess who your thinking on using only obscure yes or no questions. And it really bizarre accent like Wisconsin Irish and Caribbean we don't know and I'm so let's bring him in the studio and its effect on NN. Back in do you guys Samantha on the phone Samantha way college on this morning. Sussex. Our eyes Samantha first is given to grade was doing. Oh yeah mine is there a female. No it might you be thinking of someone that's really exists. Mike you've economic character that is older than affords me yeah. Had that person already passed away. My jet an actor and your brain. Is this a white person. Yeah million figure that someone who's older than sixty. Maybe get together as someone who has from the WW eighth yeah. No rule out all the wrestlers and definitely not cheap move in on your mind is there an action movie star. Oh is this person on your brain for a popular TV show. Was down more than one media got them on your mind it was British. Oh is this person to picking up said to be a hot man. Yeah they do better vanity asks in is this person television show hosts. This is president from a television show that has already ended with. Yes. Maybe this person on your brain played eight molding high school students more yes and wanna yes yes yes. Maybe that's an on your mind you can troubles have been traveled through time yep. She does that she doesn't remember the old are part of this guy should only remembers the new part of this guy now so yes yes person on your mind never had a terminal disease. I'll meet god and cheerful though. Moi let me clear like crystal ball are really quickly. And that's you know you'll be thinking among men Michael J. Fox Martina and so close them Samantha where you know Michael you know Michael J. Fox from. I don't know. And when you bet they. He actually all right you also have parkinson's I. It has faced is any. Yes no he was in a movie go back to the future where traveled to time it was a high school students and that's why we were. That's I was thinking about. Stanley tired Stanley tied to a time travel snow before. Look the first thing I got to look at Michael. I watched back to the future to a yesterday on Blu-ray of my favorite when I'm on the development. It is okay Samantha thanks to play with you it was a great this morning. 1 player morning Heidi Tony think he can seven try to morenge tomorrow and tomorrow to help tournament was Moro bay and Orlando. Louisiana today sorry I sort. Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.