Gibbons The Great vs. Sabrina (Ross Gellar)

Thursday, March 8th

'Member Friends?  'Member Ross and Rachel?  We 'member...does Gibbons The Great remember though?  


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I am just not a bad. You can get inside of your dad didn't admit to not a dilly dally not here he is written. And I antagonist of the great American and 38 and who he's thinking himself and to get somebody famous playing with a male or Britney Spears Justin Timberlake. Guess you think you know just yes or no questions let's bring him in the studio. Yeah. Hey that was Sabrina here. Sabrina I'm ready to take time given the great this morning. Our I was doing other red Sabrina are you thinking of a female. Well it could you have some on your brain that's really exist. He went out. It's secured to remain popular TV series and could you possibly have won your brain one of those Japanese anime characters. Is this stuff person older than eighteen. Yeah he got some on your brain that is an animated figure. Now. As the person you think gonna kill people more floor. Now. On your brain there's someone that's ever been married. And is this someone who might work in an office building. Now. Does his character on your brain have a son. It's funnier reminded there's someone who's been divorced. Did this somebody from the navy has appeared in the TV show friends. Yeah. Move. Made one of the leading characters and friends who aren't. Me god this salon. Let me clear up my crystal ball and you know you're not every brick you talk about momentum rods from friends and were. I saw Gellar played by David Schwimmer you can never remember his name to shout yeah. I'm out after you know and break out our addict there was a bush today brave guy. What does he like me eight irons I half. Fun fact about mr. Sherman and we go on a player rob guard dash she's in a humorous apologetic robber. People think you can't. Sabrina thanks reclaim his it was a great this morning eight yeah I was a little relive the brake and gas. I hate that I'm getting back together with you are so over the.