Gibbons The Great vs. Sabrina

Wednesday, March 14th

Sabrina was thinking of someone who has history with Riggs AND Gibbons. Was she able to stump Gibbons The Great?!


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Rigs Nellie rewind anything I'm just not a bad you can get inside the young man. Man two and really not good years to examine. I'm Jim arranged swap. Studio to record of 38 wins send is that. History yeah yeah. For the loss is now so let's bring given the greatest city think it's somebody famous. Yes yes or no question is can guess who you're thinking oh all right he's raising money and thought. They're against given the guy we got some rain on the car celebrate in your teenage wish its assumption is never that one before. How hot are. All right Sabrina and give as a Grady radio Sabrina. I was still it OK Sabrina is a real character that's really exist. Yeah. Might this be a female perhaps. What didn't part is this a female that you think announced now. Could this person be really famous from being on YouTube we don't pray that you are okay are you thinking of someone that creates music. Maybe a rapper on your mind yeah album. This really be an African Americans. Who else. It to you as someone who dyed their hair. I. I mean. Yeah sometimes. He gets a raiders got tattoos on their face. Does this person be known as the team's. Parra are. And I think that any other you all she. I'm telling him he reminds somebody may be related to the city of Pittsburgh. Yeah. Is this person may be related to our member of what does that Taylor gang the records. Are. All. Different you know what I. Bonus question. You asked is someone known may be predicting known for the colors black and yellow. You're gonna. New next let me clear up my crystal ball really quickly here. You rethink and among. The wiz Khalifa. I am tomorrow. You know what I met wistfully I said when he had to go to the bathroom you say I get a good take Jimmy. He didn't think it was funny you know aren't as it was down now I don't. I think when I imagine this is blowing Gibbons met in this true story is that given draft form and ask for her record deal you know it was Khalifa said no knowledge yeah. Hey great at odds aren't here. Oh that's right it was just national teams that are Sabrina takes your play with it was a great this morning team. Seems OK that's a record of 39 what amounts Maxi 7991037. Regionally and it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and won three setting kiss a Dem dot com.