Gibbons The Great Vs. Riggs

Friday, February 23rd

Which Dirty Dancer was on Riggs' mind as he tried to give Gibbons The Great his first loss of Season 4? You'll have to listen to find out!


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Finale re wines. Steve let me be alive just not a bad you can get inside your head and led to him really really not here years written. Send your it was a great run into the studio and record of 31. And old still has yet to be seated. I wanted to deliver Wendy this morning it was a great call me out my grandmother was very ill this past week I was talking door and she was talking about whatever favorite celebrities. It's pretty relevant person really. Somebody we all now and she was like I heard you're given the great I don't think you'll get this we try to stuff them with us your grammar Diana she's fine now she had low sodium. I'll switch I was like give her some Robin had just fired and I must. I didn't want to my right noted don't open ice money is around injuries and so essentially trying to go from process through right and it's a given the great. Let's golf I administer to this morning aren't that great things seeking gay I think again though yes he yanks you around the have a female on your brain. I need to read NASA now know feel now our rights now. Could this person be associated with movies perhaps I yes they are associated with movies you got someone that's real on your mind yet it's a real personal okay. Could this person be famous for being on YouTube. No. On your brain is or someone whose age is older than fourteen. Yet they don't affording him. Perez's first and already passed away and yes. Here call are you thinking of someone that's an American yes they are Americans and indeed. Great American Jews that the dispersant have recorded any albums before. Albums no songs yes. All right dispersant known for maybe playing mostly comedies. Now. Penalties have ranks. Camera his grand mom and his grandma loves mammogram allows us and installations man so much for must mean I think just push isn't it. Half. It's his first and known for appearing in dancing movies in a dance movie at all perhaps yes. There are no different as living how are you thinking of someone who met their end of the year cancer passed away from cancer. Yes this week's says this person ever hosted Saturday Night Live before. Senator you know way back in the day it probably doesn't SNL I'm sure him. Win this I mean when this first and most of us and now we're a part of one of the most legendary skits ever may be working as a stripper in this gets. A guy yes yes all no way he got out. Let me clear up my crystal ball real quickly. You've been thinking in my match mr. Patrick Swayze magic sleazy. Exactly like. The hard court crush and passionate hands at times and lose. My rigged with me after a quick nick and what did you did you clearly. Did jumped to my broker flags could valued it well I already put valued at caught. I got everything goes well I know I don't. I did everything went great yeah. Patrick Swayze yes that is a funny I. Let's be realistic here. There are sharp and Patrick Kennedy got 32 wins now he's doing the example I would you recreate the there tomorrow and that's on Sunday the pull of what you don't want to compromise on an Iowa you can translate the use of regret you stand at a pool that would offer Special Olympics. If if food isn't originality it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss a damn dot com.