Gibbons The Great Vs. Phil

Thursday, August 16th

Which funny dude do you think was on Phil's mind during his quest to give Gibbons The Great a big loss?!

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This is a week's finale rewind Steve I feel I'm just not a bad you can get inside a young man. Glad to know really not hideous red wings and. I didn't think ray logs into the studio and record. Forty games for the issue. I think instead should we do every morning around 820 in this morning's special guests in the studio fell from Jersey given his friend had a few meg given their great film. But he's actually pretty good at guessing your thinking on city have a famous person on your brain thinking about yes I did cycle so Arrington was the greatest idea commodity. And that. Is really yeah. I didn't yeah. Still stuck it feels from jerseys and nice guys recently single is on the prowl looking to main goal what's your snapshot by the way Phil. He Colin age. Pretty ordinary college degree I simply need to give that out anymore I think and I actually. I think he's got more DMZ the yeah for four days people tonight did as the great and still let's go all right still much like yourself do you have any mail on your mind. Yes a little do you know he's a male. And many of them know the negro put Mo get you can change. Well let me do all of us. Yeah to get his degree might this be an animated figure. No. Tanks and an imitator and Mike should be taken as someone who is known for creating music. Yes. Maybe eight black person perhaps no. Kim Jung. Has this character remember any famous band before. No. Perhaps your thinking out of me wrapper. No. On your brain there's someone who is older than forty. Yes. As this person to think and have already died. No. Maybe you're thinking as someone who has at some point recorded any albums. Yes and it's just maybe eight country singer. No. It's ridiculous someone whose ages more than sixty years. Now. Perhaps you've got someone on your mind who is a native Spanish speakers out west and all. No ma'am. Are you thinking of someone who is an American person. Yes. Little foggy here Saturday night OK maybe you've got some and I'm your mind associated with comedy. Yes kind of against somewhere does this person really exists. Yes. On your mind is there someone who has long curly hair. You know. Maybe you've got a character on your brain whoever played the lead role in a movie. Yes. Isn't somebody from the film grown ups. Yes. Maybe some on one of the main characters. Yes figuring it out too small media did chair and I am. You're gonna get the very few the next couple of days but it does not begin mid given the great because you'll be digging and mr. Adam Sandler. Yes guy. Don you're young like God's time it gets down to bomb plot will be how to compete yeah. Adams and I guess yeah I never thought Adam Sandler is stunning public. He's funny he's had quite a lot. I knew I'd watch all the data like Adam Sandler I do not act like you guys laugh when I watch it I don't get I think he leans more duty humor. Alienate these guys definitely an acquired ten yeah idea Adam sender was very. Very funny until they hear like 2000 I couldn't have 2000 all of solidarity was just taken checks or whatever are identified only funny doing this. Same shtick yeah any time yeah. You can. Okay saddens. And I didn't drink too good yeah. Riggs and Elliott rigs Kelly weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.