Gibbons The Great vs. The New Interns

Wednesday, January 3rd

It was a handicap match for Gibbons The Great this morning as he took on TWO new interns. Find out who won the battle by listening here!


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And Ellie rely. Casey mr. the first time. You went beyond just not a bad you can get inside a young man. I admit to not really really not here to years. Thanks and I know the United States given and I and then given. And some brand new interns and this year. Fresh for the it was in the spring semester for the winter semester spraining his fellow this spring I hope so I'll welcome to the program are our new interns they don't have nick and yet so called on by their government names. Christian and Sloan good morning ladies. Thank you for coming on a given the greats of midnight in the gulf kind of things tag team you just didn't tag team this morning. The most sinking of one person given the grade on Wright's so you ask your initiation of questions with your ridiculous accent. SEC can now guess who they think announced pilot season for his one announced so far. That's right and about to get big win numbers so you think so let me ask are you thinking of a lady known. Might this person be older than eighteen years yes. There's somebody who's really famous on the YouTube now up. On your brain gets on who really exists yes is this an athletes perhaps not. Stereo on your brain is or someone who creates music. Now I don't think known. Already has this person passed away now. On your mind is there an actor yes. And this person they'd older than fourteen years yes. Business guy known for mostly playing comedies. Are so. And on your bring you gotta Caucasian person writes yes lifestyle news. Is this somebody who appears in every episode of a television series yet. Most channels that yet anchor this person be in a television show that takes place over in New York now. On another television saw a series you get this person with a they married yes. Could this guy may be be partially bulb on top. Now some news like this. Are you taking a somebody who was in full house back in the day. Yes. The opposite signal. First enough for being very good looking he has seemingly. Does that certain person in this room named Briggs have a big all crush on this person yes it sounds to me and a bear out my crystal ball real quickly some almost comical Jesse I know almost a man Giles came off. Don't go to John save us. Yeah see themselves tell in the the only person I would leave my life force got a I told of that do you and our. I think there's a one night of passion and Johnson and I just put the feet and younger ten dollar and then. That's our idea what is that we are not you a lot of plays and LSU wins no losses this season for giving the great you think 87 dragon tomorrow morning with its hardest on the right thing. And I need to stay in us well done now given the reds play again tomorrow morning at 811 of your point seven kiss FM and Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and 103 setting kiss a Dem dot com.