Gibbons The Great Vs. Nathan Graham

Thursday, January 5th

Nathan Graham did his best to stump Gibbons The Great. Did he succeed? Find out here!


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Case you missed it the first time. Knowingly lying. You might be just ought to not a bad you can get inside your head. I'm glad to not really did they not hear it years written examines the. I give as great as they ask her record of 48 and eight. Baghdad two losses into the new year I got a pretty bad now a year ago and so. Making Gramm starts in this morning. But the little smug look on nastase now having Graham as want to do we're gonna get that the 48 and nine to now he's thinking he can ask them given the bridge. My pet bunny rabbit from the eight mile movie yeah. You know like Eminem and the fifth minute and are basically effectively integrate. I so I'm Nathan here's our season and ask you a series of yes no questions got a top quality character in mind. Go and possibly super obscure you're not trying to. I I really need is somebody that's a real slightly I would be able to get yeah I it's time we'll give is apparently when ready with your questions now. All right let me ask you about this person on your brand you think another superhero. Now on superior. Does this person on your brain and any children of their own. Now. All right we've deacon of a human being by chance. Probably. Okay probably. Yeah yeah yeah that's OK and if our lives is that a person on your brain known for being evil doer or bad no quite the opposite. Right does the person on your brain live in these here United States of America who don't assume so yeah. Yeah Jerry and music and as somebody who this person ever on a children's television show. Yes. Does the name of your character appear in the title of a television series. Yes. All right does this person on your brain have huge muscles. Now. It's an incredible hawk if it can't jam didn't warm here she just personal associated maybe with a fast food restaurant. Yes. All right let me turn to one mark question okay is the fast food restaurant this person associated with. Known for having. Art she is this yeah. So weddings yeah. And I just. Much like towels much like the Packers brought they're losing streak in 16 in the wrong direction not having the greatest about it. Can do the same that fits me check my crystal ball real quick thing. You've taken a mister Ronald McDonald and. Nice you know. I am I loved it how you run of the towels McDonald I would appreciate it as well rigs if you bring up so globe that the and anything else you can think up from that movie Jenny really what we're talking about 810 pitcher when our time now has ignited some kind of swear my handing him I don't know I miss you incorporate is also if you. Here I really like this movie called on what's. Coming our. Andy card. All I that's all I notice those casino on and it's like pardons and seeing a young American. And right now they are given the great to play every morning at this time 830 continue stumping for 147991037. Try your hand and it. You probably can't now he's given the drill rigs in LA it's Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.