Gibbons The Great Vs, Natalie

Thursday, February 22nd

He's an animated figured in the Baseball Hall of Fame and he was on the mind of Natalie as she tried to stump Gibbons The Great. Who is he? Listen here to find out!


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Finale re wines. Steve what do I'm just not a bad you can get inside your dad if I'm glad to know really really not here it is. Thanks and it's. Still undefeated in the season for thirty wins zero losses you think somebody famous. You can guess who you're thinking about yes or no questions like the mile to nail him to know what that is probably with a yes or no question we don't get an innocent. I try to stump them let's go bringing in the studio in his. Great. Can't value ready to go low shot that I thought we got Natalie from the missed types look wanna go. It is better than Al. Far into this morning I'd Natalie from look wanna go you reading now. Ready ready let's go out right now the lead might this be a female. Now. Could you have them on your brain is very famous on the YouTube. And now out. Or I could this be a rapper may be out there is this character that you think enough older than fourteen. Okay it flat at as a person that you think you never recorded albums before. How the right does this person send on two legs. I think if someone was originally from a video game tuning out. Are you figure they character from a TV series. Does this person fight quite a bit. Then nine. Are you thinking of characters that's where his pads. At. That you think you know an animated figure. Somebody who lives in America. He gets on and on your mind was a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame you know someone who's the father. Maybe could reside in Springfield. And that's. It's me clear up McChrystal. The ball on. Raw meat oh yeah you know our. I would tell you everything you know and Intel is something you got drawn. You can get a Homer Simpson himself expert crack here. To my apparently don't know homer lesson is a member of the major league Baseball Hall of Fame isn't. I reminded the whole ESPN show a lot where Simpson is heat get out. Did it old Simpsons that was a long time ago I think you are battling they can say hello and then does. But I think in a major league baseball players and that it holds special gifts yeah. I don't know man and it appears it's a question we asked them and you didn't. Made it bank it wasn't yeah media you know art talent as. We don't understand it either but things are trying to sense given the great. I'd add the it is Natalie says they're 799170. Seized up givens a great flavor of what your on the same time to a pretty tough. You may fail now it's just FM Riggs and Elliott breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.