Gibbons The Great vs. Mike

Wednesday, November 1st

Alley told Gibbons that he looks like the actor that Mike was thinking of when he tried stumping Gibbons The Great. Who do ya think it was?


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Finale re wines. Steve I feel I'm just not a bad. He can get inside your head and graduate in May not hear it years written exam and thank him in the closet resilient. I have an LAL 10 loss so you might think you stop and think somebody famous alas yes or no questions Manny gets. Anything in others whatever to play with Mike Mike Brittany down. Writes I'm Mike's gonna and I try to stand this morning give us a great vs Mike you ready Mike Hsu. Pascal all right Mike isn't someone that's real. Yeah are you dig another man. Yes. This is somebody who's only famous for being on YouTube. No. He gets on and on your brain during the older than fourteenth. I believe so. This is a Caucasian that your bank announced. Yes. You have an actor on your mind. Yeah. Is this person known for mostly playing in funny movies. Yes. Present stars never played the lead role. You put your mind you get somebody who was in that movie grownups. Are. Dot beyond it but it fit but this first another mile around around the waist. Yes it is. It's either someone that might admitting console panda. Yes I think yup someone on your mind who plays in rock and roll band you know this is somebody with a southern accent perhaps you know. Undermine do you have someone who is currently older than fifty you know. Is this person's hair Mary Carly. An idea to put in my nose of a long name yet is this person starring in a film that features. Among GR. Yeah. Right knee got this on here and let you clear up McChrystal ballroom prickly. Yeah I think you know that meant that other stuff that humans what the other day that Zach just enough gets other options. Zach Galifianakis. Yeah that's OK ditto head giving her neighbor across. That route right candidate. From a hangover or it was admitted baskets initially Cymer is a clown McKnight says Mike thanks a plan to give as the greatest morning. Keep thinking it's double dragon tomorrow morning we do at the same time. I am every single thing it's one of three point seven kiss FM now 36 and one wild. Riggs an Alley it's Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.