Gibbons The Great vs. Michelle

Tuesday, October 31st

Halloween is the most fitting day for the character that Michelle was thinking of as she tried to stump Gibbons The Great. Listen to find out who came out on top!


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This is a belly remind. You let me go I'm just ought to not a bad you can get didn't start out good then. I'm glad to know really really not here it is written. Thanks and yeah island season three of integrates. And make it long and house of cards home. And from the answer and Kevin faces. Up 34 wins only one loss leaving gathering given the great into the studio to take on Michelle this morning for Halloween edition of Stevens a great combined get in the great. Yes let's roll out right now as the Thai empty nest and isn't a question you ready to yell. On your brain is there an adult now. Now what is it someone who's an adult golden eighteen. And I can't sell my G pig in a female. This is a blond haired female. Now Mike you have some on your mind who's got a brother or a sister. Yeah this is somebody who may have been in something produced by that Disney company. Are you thinking of an animated figure. Mike Disney and Disney princess. Now. You have an animal on your brain. Doesn't care good to dig in have human skin. Now. Funnier mining gets one who wears clothing. Which we did you have a character from the nightmare before Christmas. Yes. Not me got this really quickly here let's make sure we clear up the crystal ball. Yeah I think it has shout it from the nightmare before Christmas. Is next skeletons girlfriend that's right chase rice. It easier than I've ever for Christmas display over and they view now failure to check it out before Halloween sooner. Like tagging him yeah like guns and writing a check it out throw. They should be planned at a given pills it was a great now 35 and one try to sell them again tomorrow morning one of three point seven kiss FM and Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on the man and 1037 kiss FM dot com.