Gibbons The Great Vs. Michael

Tuesday, February 20th

When it comes to those who are Holy, Michael was thinking of one of Gibbons The Great's favorites. Think GTG was able to guess who it was?! Listen to find out!


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Finale re wines. Keep any below I'm just not a bad you can get inside your dad didn't admit to not really really not did years. Thanks and maybe just got please hockey center really cocky twentieth. Create an all first season for its way every morning around 822 easy games on given the great things somebody famous he can ask yes or no questions and guess who you think you know something let's bring in into the studio this morning come on MM. My game. Mon and give us the grades Michael's gonna try to take you on this morning from Waukesha Michael you ready around either as did this. All right Michael are you thinking of they character that's his real life. Yeah might this be a female on your mind. I know. His first in the older than fourteen. Our roots yeah had this character that you got on your mind already passed away. Yeah. You think you're someone who was a citizen of United States of America. I'm not exists and is known for being very kind. Yeah. All right desist person of the Muslim faith. Nor could be thinking of a religious figure out. My disk religious figure bureau related to Christmas. And now. Could you have some on your mind my children of their own. I'm not sure I don't think you are there. Our. I are you thinking of east saint I don't. Good decision to be Mexican. Norton and allegedly got this. Oh it's one of my favorite people other times we celebrate this day every year at saint Patrick himself yeah. Guy. Michael ware you've probably got the accent. I'm from Ireland I'll tagged. Do you do you celebrate the same patch Tuesday hard cornered you lastly America celebrates it I mean. Remember to go to air let it intimidate and it's and she is another. I don't know it that are related current day. Right here's just a drinking holiday drinking his religion here I'll get a hit if it isn't a little no look yes that's why is Michael takes replaying the game is great this morning. I think here. Entity in the stump and try every weekday morning around 821 and three point 7% that is. Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on the man and 1037 kiss a Dem dot com.