Gibbons The Great Vs. Megan

Monday, March 12th

Megan had a super-famous old guy on her brain as she attempted to stump Gibbons The Great. Listen to find out who won this epic battle.


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She missed it the first time. Knowingly lying. I'm just not a bad you can get inside your dad. If I'm glad to know it really did not hear it years to examine. It was a great walked into the studio at a record out. 38 and to pull it. Twice now only eighty ice which is fresh concussion you can beat him this morning who announced tough bringing my into the studio right now into the Greg Lamotte and listen we ran a private conversation with Megan. She's until since she's gonna try to beat you this morning all right writes it was a great vs mega mania ready. Megan. Imus got other right Megan is this character really exists. Might you have on your mind someone who's very famous for being on YouTube. Now on your brain is there a female. Is this person had to dig and I'm older than authority. You have on your brain someone who's already passed away. Yourself. Isn't a person get up close yeah. There might be an actor. And this is person may be Caucasian. You got on your mind some news older than sixty. Other gonna copy medicated. If the person on your brain often known for playing in action movies. Yeah no. Maybe this person to be known for being in funny things yes. Yeah. Does the charger on your brain appear in every episode of a television series. Oh what television TV that they used to watch. All the beast. Could you repeat as someone who's a little shorts. Now. As this person on your brain ever played the lead role in a movie. Good this may be be somebody from the ghostbusters franchise. On your brain is there a person with a white hair. This person's name Barry a usual maybe a little unique. I know. As this person that you think you know appeared on Saturday Night Live. Yes no yes yes yes adding yes. I do okay. All we got this one let's be clear up my crystal ball real quickly. You've got to one wild and crazy guy on your mind and not be Steve Martin. Return. The. Now the rethinking of Sarah. Megan and thank our Allan EM a challenge so we hosted SNL in 2002. And he's almost like they gonna copd and lord of the rays. Yeah regret. Off all our. Thank that's the guy that you shall not possible. I ask. You shall not win given the great Satan you are on the on the line mule museum leash. We are shirts out of what teachers we ask for more holes and I responded in a sell its stake through resident. You are one of these three people would it be given the great this year we got here are not. Thanks for Gaza mega and haven't been given the grades now with a record of 38 in three. Do you think he gets up and dragons Marmol barely any time you can hear him and I'm sure getting army. He's got a rattles bring adrenaline but that's old. Riggs and Elliott for exit LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss a Dem dot com.