Gibbons The Great Vs. Lupe

Tuesday, February 13th

There was a major fiasco for Lupe. Find out if she was able to give Gibbons The Great his first loss in season 4.


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Yeah. Rigs Nellie rewind yeah. You might be just not a bad you can get inside your head and lead to not really not here it is written. And I get is a great looks at the studio has a record of 24 I know still is yet to be beaten this season season for the final and it's. Forced seasons he didn't listen to give a break. 77 and not counsel let's pick given that in the studio and now we'll bring given the gradient and little fan this morning to thank you read this thank god given the great. Silas do a clinic are elated fiasco just a start do not mean there I think he had the team out on your brand. Yet and might this team they'll be the color yellow. 00. Is that Simpson's character I guess on your brain you get someone who really exists. Yet. Did you meet particularly famous YouTube personality. Now. Put together a celebrity on your mind yes. Right. Is this person known for being on a popular television show all. Yet. Could you be thinking there may be. Based personal was funny sitcom of the 19190. It's just person known for being well what's the word. One of the first same sex people 010 dollars and number coming out real famous for coming out. Correct. All right mr. persons older than twenty years yes. Yeah. Radiating in a blonde. And it television talk show host yes. Call me how to perform it is on the play a few games with Yahoo!'s up let me clear up McChrystal ballroom as quickly. Yet figured no one. The only one I give the greatest biggest celebrity crushes are DeGeneres Allen. I have add me another. Machine and sixty. Yet he's dead and shut the front door. There's sixty passes just great you know believe it nights in a minute and a little bit did you play the game is eager this morning. I don't probably kill ratios and have excellent news feed him the right night. And given the great we play every morning at the same time you think you can stop and think somebody famous and call every weekday morning around 821 a three point seven kiss FM. Rigs in LA it's Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.