Gibbons The Great vs. Lamont

Monday, November 20th

Gibbons The Great might have been asked to guess an athlete this morning. Do ya think GTG guessed correctly?! Listen and you'll know!


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She missed it the first time. Knowingly lying. Yeah I do I'm just not a bad. You can get inside good hand and led to not really not hit years written examines the. Given the great walks into the studio and swagger and 45 wins only two losses. But determined and terrible accents. Think he'd stop and think somebody famous. Yes yes you know questions. Keep guessing you think you know whispering to integrate into the stadium mine Fran I'm here. Hey I'm ready to give Obama time and at the Montana on this morning. LaMont was given the grave ready LaMont. Yeah man hello Florida. Born ready I like that attitude try to Miguel gives the greatness in the month let's go other right this is a female on your brand. At all. Are you thinking of someone who really exists. And yeah. This is somebody currently older than fourteen years old reporting yeah yeah as this person has the length. It's not. Funnier Brady got two and ran for president so far. You know might this be an actor. No all right this just starts an African American. Yes. On your mind you get to the news previously been to the National Basketball Association finals. Are yeah. Might this be somebody connected to the windy city of Chicago. Now my this person be from the city of brotherly love Philadelphia. All. On your brain gets and is known for wearing the color green. No. As this person on your brain retired. From the disembodied where's the love the color red. Not. When you bring you get on linked to the Big Apple New York. Yeah. This is somebody who is popular may be back in the 19190. This person previously won a medal in the Olympic Games. Yeah. Need god this let me clear up McChrystal involved. You figure that bush from the knicks mr. Patrick Ewing. Booms goal are masters. No oh boy if they get up this morning the blogs this growth and Jason Kidd man. Again he swings and misses with a local boy. Good Paul with Jason Kidd but. Did that in your muscles are thought yeah that's in Brooklyn Brooklyn that's. Yeah played for New York Knicks still are genuinely put the Big Apple. Well. All right that's a that's that I had LaMont we originally I begin as the great T shirt. You know where that was try to around the city for being what it is very few it is I've taken on and beaten given the great. I guess is that they was regarding the decent decently was a guard Tim Floyd trying to shoot holes and itself. Are obvious or losing given the great harness or lose it's only three losses in season three eating you can stub it was a great try again tomorrow morning same attack. The reason Alley it's breaks at LE weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.